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Fabric Dyeing

In this fun workshop, students will have the opportunity to play and experiment with 4 different types of dyeing techniques including: Ice Dyeing, Modern Shibori, Eco Dyeing, and Rust Dyeing. Students will be going home with several samples of each type of dyeing as well as instruction sheets so they can continue to work with the various techniques at home.

Students will need to supply:
1. 12 pieces of light-colored, natural-based fabrics (i.e. cotton, wool, silk, bamboo, etc) to use for their dye samples. * Each sample should be at least 6"x6" but should probably not be any larger than 24"x24" in size. (Students can also welcome to bring a shirt or two to dye using the Shibori or ice-dyeing techniques!).
2. A few pieces (4-6) of blended fabrics (ex: cotton-poly blend) 6"x6" to 24"x24" in size
3. Some plastic baggies to carry home wet fabric
4. An apron or wear clothing that can be dirtied by dyes
5. Rubber gloves or disposable gloves

Students may also want to bring:
1. A Ziploc baggy or two of natural vegetation, herbs, and/or veggies for the eco-dyeing portion of the class. It is a lot of fun to experiment with different types of plants! If everyone brings in enough to share, then the whole class can play with design and color options (Rebecca will also be providing a variety of plant material).
2. Rusty objects. Anything with rust is fair game! Nails, washers, nuts, wire, chain (this is especially fun because you can weave fabric through it). If it's not rusty, it may not work!

*Please consider using fabric sourced from thrift shops (ex: sheets, shirts, curtains, etc)


Dates & Times

Fee: $360.00

Members: $340.00

Mar 17 & Mar 18, Saturday & Sunday 10:30 am-4:30 pm
Ages: 16 & up
Instructor: Rebecca Wachtman
Location: Schack Art Center, Studio 2