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Surface Design Series: #3 Artful Weaving

This fun series of Surface Design workshops is intended to introduce students to a wide variety of techniques allowing them to experiment and explore the world of surface design. Students will leave each class with sample of each technique which they will have created. Plus, they will be given instructions sheets so they can continue to work with the various techniques at home.
*For all classes, please consider using fabric sourced from thrift shops (ex: sheets, shirts, curtains, etc)

#3 Artful Weaving
In this workshop, students will create their own basic loom using a picture frame, nails, and a hammer. Students will then use their loom to practice basic weaving methods using a variety of fibers. Students will also create a small art-weaving using natural items as their loom.

For this workshop, students will need to provide:
1) A hammer
2) A ruler
3) A pen or pencil

Students may also want to provide:
1) A sturdy (flexible, not easily broken) branch or two
2) A rock, shell, or other natural object
3) Items they want to include in their weavings (ex: string, lace, roving, yarn, twine, etc)


Dates & Times

Fee: $70.00

Members: $60.00

Closed: Class has started

April 21, Saturday 11 am-3 pm
Ages: 16 & up
Instructor: Rebecca Wachtman
Location: Schack Art Center, Painting & Drawing Studio