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Learn something new or advance your skills at the largest visual art center in the Snohomish County. Whether you're young or old, just starting out or a seasoned pro, the Schack Art Center has a class for you.

Download the Winter Class Brochure: Jan-April 2018*

*Please note that classes are subject to change after the quarterly brochure is printed. The most accurate and updated class information is available online.


Please contact Shannon Tipple-Leen, art class coordinator,

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Artist Professional Development

Classes and workshops addressing the artist's life, artwork and professional career in the arts. Subjects may include photographing your work, business skills or online entry forms.

Basketry - Weaving

The process of weaving natural or man-made fibers or wire into a vessel or sculpture. This category often overlaps with fiber arts.


The art of producing stylized lettering or numbers using brushes or specialized pens. Sumi-e painting springs from the controlled, fluid movements of calligraphy, and is often used in combination with it.


Our camps for Youth & Teens are day camps, generally 2-3 hours per day, that fall during school breaks (winter, spring, and summer) and focus on a wide variety of art media including printmaking, drawing, painting, and sculpture.


The art of creating functional or sculptural works with clay. The clay is then fired in a kiln, glazed and then fired again. 


The assemblage of various materials on a surface, creating a new unique whole.  Common materials are paper ephemera, fibers, textiles and found objects.


The process of using lines, marks or color to produce an image, either representational, non-representational or both.  Common tools are pencils, pens, charcoal and pastel.

Encaustic - Warm Wax

The art of painting with warm beeswax mixed with pigment and resin.  Collage is often combined with encaustic techniques.

Fiber Arts

This type of art employs some type of fiber as a dominant material to create sculpture, wall pieces, clothing pieces or jewelry.  Knitting, embroidery, beadwork, quilting, sewing, dyeing, felting and more, or a combination of any of these, might be used.

Glass - Flameworked

Glass rods are heated over a flame to create beads, small sculptures, goblets, marbles, pendants and more.  We provide classes in both soft glass and borosilicate, a tougher glass that requires higher heat.

Glass - Fused & Kiln Formed

Also known as "warm glass", these classes do not generally involve direct contact with the heat; rather, pieces are assembled beforehand and then fired in a kiln.  Classes such as fused glass jewelry, plates, coasters, winestoppers, glass painting, slumping, glass casting, and general fusing are offered.

Glass - Hot

Molten glass is gathered on the end of a steel tube,  then blown, shaped with tools and/or molded to create the desired form. Classes offered in our on-site hot shop include blowing, forming, bowls and bottles, murrini and incalmo.  We also offer monthly "Make It Now" sessions and High School Glassblowing.


Silversmithing, metal clay, chainmaking and mixed-media are among the types of jewelry classes we offer.  Warm and flameworked glass jewelry classes are also available in our F&K studio.


The cutting, polishing and engraving of precious stones other than gem stones.


Classes that expand students writing abilities in fiction and non-fiction.

Mixed Media

Mixed media encompasses a wide range of materials and techniques used in combination.  The use of painted paper, embossed metal and found objects to create jewelry or a wall sculpture is an example of the diversity of these classes.  Collage and mosaic often overlap this category.

Mixed Media Glass

These classes do not fall into our other glass categories or they are a combination of two. Examples would be drawing or etching on glass or cold working an already made glass piece. 


The formation of images or designs on a surface using small pieces of colored glass, stone, ceramic or other materials.  Classes include glass mosaic mirrors, recycled ceramic mosaic and more.


The application of a pigment suspended in some form of liquid medium to a surface.  Our classes include acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink and gouache, and encompass various techniques, surfaces and subject matter within each medium.

Photography & Video

The capturing of images with a camera, whether digital or traditional.  Photography as art itself, as well as a tool to document artwork, etc.  is addressed in this category of classes.


The transfer of a design engraved or etched in wood or metal onto a surface such as paper, parchment or fabric. Lithography,  silkscreening and monoprinting are examples of subjects covered here.


The creation of a three-dimensional piece in any media - wood, concrete, stone etc.


Primarily used to create jewelry in the classes we offer, silversmithing is the crafting of silver into various objects through the application of heat, pressure, sawing, sanding and polishing.

Stained Glass

Colored glass that is used to make pictures and patterns in windows.

Teacher Workshops

Designed for the generalist teacher our Teacher workshops explore ways to integrate various art topics into other curricula areas. Through demonstration, expert presenters, and hands-on activities, a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the art topic will be gained.

Teen Art Classes

Teen classes are available to students between the ages of 13 and 18 (highschool) years old. Some art classes may be designed just for teens, while others welcome mature teens to work alongside adults.

Youth Art Classes

Youth classes are available for students between the ages of 6-12 years old.