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Fresh Paint

Art Activities

From reCONNECT quilt project in 2013

reCONNECT Community Art Quilt Project

The reCONNECT rainbow quilt is an outdoor interactive installation designed by Berette Macaulay.   To join in, you choose your own color canvas square and a marker to outline your hand(s) and write or draw messages of how we are connected.  Each color line has a meaning: 

Red • LIFE

Orange • HEALING


Green • NATURE


Violet • SPIRIT  

After you finish, you tie your square into the quilt, snap a pic (if you wish), and become a part of the reCONNECT network.  Every square of affirmations that are tied into the whole makes the quilt stronger - a colorful metaphor of positive hand-held bonds. 

This is the first time Berrette has installed a reCONNECT quilt on the West coast. Please share you experience using the following hashtags. #reConnectQuilt #RainbowQuilt #WeAreConnected #FreshPaint2017

All Aboard

Stop by the All Aboard booth for a hands-on art project to take home.

Glacier Peak High School

Kids (and kids at heart) can get their face painted by members of the Glacier Peak High School art honor society.

Dancers: Baile Folklore Colibri

The dancers of Baile Folklore Colibri will be available to answer questions about their art form and organization. You can also catch their performance on the festival main stage on Sunday from 4-5pm.

Antoinette Hippe: Henna Art

Antoinette creates henna body art using a natural henna paste mixed from scratch. It stains the skin a rich dark brown and lasts 1-2 weeks. Henna designs start at $10 and go up depending on size and complexity.