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Past Exhibit

Kevin Pettelle: Artist of the Year

June 21 – July 29

Main Gallery

Celebration of the Human Form

Crouching Man

Since 1992 the Schack Art Center has selected one artist who is recognized by his or her peers for their considerable accomplishments and contributions to the visual arts, as Artist of the Year.

The 2012 Artist of the Year is internationally acclaimed bronze sculptor, Kevin Pettelle. This solo exhibit will feature Pettelle's classically executed bronzes of the human figure which suggest his fascination with movement, balance, focus and control. An artist lecture, "Bronze Age Meets the Digital Age", for July 21 from 6-7pm.

Artist Statement:

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with how things go together. I soon discovered how light and shadow went together and had a rhythm I could follow. From this, I learned how to draw and sculpt. I can find no better way to explore this dialog than sculpture. I can find no better way to document this journey than bronze. For my inspiration to learn from there is nothing more complete than the human form.

Handstand by Kevin Pettelle

Artist Bio:

A sculptor for over thirty-two years, Kevin Pettelle has devoted himself to the exploration and interpretation of the human figure. With its tactile warmth, historic durability and a remarkable ability to accent form, bronze has proven the perfect medium of choice to express himself. In 1987, partnering with his father Ed and brother Todd, the fine art foundry NW Artworks Bronze Casting Service was  established. It was there he gained an extensive knowledge of the lost wax method of casting, learning all aspects of this ancient and complicated process. Since, he has continued to expand his knowledge through his the application of the latest in digital tools to aid in the realization of his vision.

Born in Seattle, Washington, Kevin and his wife Susi have chosen to call the Pacific Northwest their home.  His work is shown extensively throughout the US and abroad, cultivating collectors worldwide. The Schack Art Center exhibition is a retrospective of his work.

"The human figure still holds the depth of my interest.  All my lessons of great sculpture can be found there."  - Kevin Pettelle

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