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Past Exhibit

Pearls of Experience

August 9 – September 20

Main Gallery

Celebrating 30 Years of the Northwest Basket Weavers Guild

Sponsored by WASC

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Northwest Basket Weavers Guild, a basketry exhibit will feature both traditional and contemporary works. Predominantly from Washington and Oregon, these artists have mastered traditional techniques and expanded work to incorporate alternative materials such as citrus peel, sturgeon skin, agave leaves and metal to create sculptural and figurative pieces. Artist demonstrations will be featured, as well workshops.

Artwalk Lecture! FREE!

The Northwest Basket Weavers will have members present at the Schack Art Center for the September Artwalk on September 15 from 5:30 to 7:00pm. They will be providing information about materials and techniques used in the creation of baskets by displaying a variety of materials and by demonstrating how to make cordage out of perennials many people have in their gardens. 

Questions and discussion will be welcomed.

Participating artists include:

Sally Anaya, Mary Etue Auld, Susan Blackburn, Danielle Bodine, David Chambers, Deb Curtis, Kathey Ervin, Jill Green, Sharon Kita, Katherine Lewis, Claudia Mullek, Sharle Osborne, Elaine Twogood, Melinda West, Sylvia Whie, Shelia K Wray, Judy Zugish, Layne Goldsmith, and Dorothy McGuinness.

Selected images from the exhibit include:

Touch Stone by Susan Blackburn

Emu & Aiko by Danielle Bodine

Black Hole by David Chambers

The Last Two Coils by Melinda West

Red by Sylvia White

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