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Past Exhibit

Stanwood High School AP Art Students

October 2 – November 5

K-12 Exhibit Hall

Opening Tues Oct. 9, 5-8p

Sponsored by Coastal Community Bank

Instructor: Gail Merrick, Stanwood High School

The AP Students were asked to demonstrate quality through five carefully selected examples of their work that show successful mastery of 2-D design issues or engagement with drawing issues. There is no preferred or unacceptable style or content. They may be a group of related works, unrelated or a combination of related and unrelated works. The mastery of 2-D design or drawing should be apparent in the concept, composition and execution of their work, whether they are simple or complex.

The three sections to each AP Studio Art Portfolio Exam are:

QUALITY: 5 actual works that demonstrate mastery of drawing, 2-D design, or 3-D design (selected from the Breadth and/or the Concentration Sections of the portfolio.

CONCENTRATION: 12 digital images describing an in-depth exploration of a particular drawing, 2-D design or 3-D design concern.

BREADTH: a variety of 12 digital images that demonstrate understanding of drawing issues, principles of 2-D or 3-D design

The complete portfolio by each of the following students is on exhibit in the Emerging Young Artists Gallery through November 5.

Austin Biehl

Christina Callies

Andrew Firman

Autumn Forsythe

Brittney Gibbons

Holly Hillman

Camille Lewinski

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