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The Intersection of Art + Math
Upcoming Exhibit

The Intersection of Art + Math

April 26 – June 2

Main Gallery

Opening Reception: April 26, 5-8pm

The Intersection of Art + Math will explore the many ways artists use mathematical ideas and theories to create their work.

Some might ask, "Is there math in art?" While math and art may seem like disciplines far apart, there is often large amounts of math involved in art creation. From the basics of measuring to the use of patterns, the golden ratio, and the creation of planes or three dimensions in a two-dimensional painting - all are mathematical concepts used by artists.

Featured Artist: Harold Hollingsworth

A series of murals by Seattle artist Harold Hollingsworth will be featured in the mezzanine gallery during The Intersection of Art + Math.

Harold's work is characterized by colorful eruptions, rich surfaces, and rhythmic playfulness. The tossed-off modern elements and poetic elements of our common modern environment influence his work - pop culture, media, letters, fonts, and architecture. In the past, he has used familiar images such as old road signs graphics, vintage and modern fonts, along with numbers, crossed with natural forms found in nature. Recent works are more subtle translations of pop culture fused with discarded patterns such as dazzleship camouflage reconstructed with transparent newsprint and letterforms.

A graduate of Western Washington University, Harold has also been shaped greatly by the teaching style and bravado of professor and artist, R. Allen Jensen.

A native of Seattle, Harold has presented 17 solo shows and participated in 38 group shows. His work resonates not only with individual collectors, but corporate investors as well, including Nordstrom, Target Corporation, Twitter, Hilton Hotels, and Swedish Hospital.

We are still accepting artist submission for this exhibit. Please read the complete call to artists below:

Schack Art Center is seeking artwork that incorporates mathematical concerts or ideas for the exhibit: The Intersection of Art & Math. The exhibit opens with a reception on April 26 from 5-8pm and runs through June 2, 2018. 

This exhibit also coincides with the Schack's "Art Education in Action" program, where over 3,000 children, third through seventh grade, will be led through the gallery on a docent tour, do a hands-on project and observe artists-in-action during the month of May.

Examples of artwork with math themes include - quilts, patterned prints, calligraphy, origami, mosaics, glass, ceramics, sculpture, etc. - any art form that uses or features math concepts. Artists must be able to explain how math was used in creating the work. We are also seeking artists interested in participating in the hands-on projects or being an artist-in-action (for a stipend) during student field trips.

All artwork must be for sale (unless an exception is made by the gallery director) with the gallery receiving a 40% commission.

Artwork delivery dates: April 15 &16. Artwork Pick-up Dates: June 3 & 4. Artists may submit up to twelve digital images of relevant work by March 28. Digital images should be JPEGS sized to 4" x 5", 300 dpi and in PC compatible format. Email images (including how math was applied, media, title, and dimensions - H x W x D) to Carie Collver at, or send a CD (will not be returned), Attn: Math Exhibit, 2921 Hoyt Ave, Everett, WA 98201.

Deadline: March 28, 2018

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