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Upcycled STEAM: Repurpose with a Purpose Educator Workshop

Spring Educator Workshop

Friday, April 16, 5-8 PM and Saturday, April 27, 8:30-11:30 AM  

Ages 18+

$60 ($55 + 5 registration)

Inspired by the Schack's Spring Exhibition celebrating material repurposing and exploring the science of the 5 R's. The 2021 Schack Spring Teacher Workshop Upcycled STEAM: Repurpose with a purpose will provide participants with interactive hands-on projects for creative repurposing of unwanted products into items with artistic and environmental value. Each project will be adaptable to various grade levels, alignment to Arts Learning Standards, and integrate innovative STEM components.  Participants will apply common themes that connect science, technology, engineering, math, and visual art.  Supplies will be budget-friendly and/or found-at-home materials. 



Instructors: Mari Atkinson and Hilary Shearer

6 Free Washington State approved clock hours

Registration opens soon!