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Visual art interdisciplinary teaching enables students to become creative, confident problem-solvers and makers. In this workshop participants will learn how to facilitate the design thinking process by using their own curriculum to frame their lessons, make connections to other content areas, and acquire techniques for guiding students toward developing the necessary skills to thrive in today's world. Topics include Discovery and Ideation, Refining Ideas and Working with Constraints, Experimentation and Prototypes, and Presentations as a grand finale.

Part of every teacher's day is knowing how to fit various content standards into curriculum, which can be very overwhelming. And we know Art can effectively bring disciplines together; however how can teachers work this into their already overloaded days? Implementing Design Thinking by creating board games may be the answer.

In the 2019 Schack Spring Teacher Workshop series, participants will learn how to approach board games from a designer's perspective; not just as a player. Following the Design Process, participants will use their own curriculum as a springboard for game design. Board games may be created for use in classrooms or as an example for having students design and create their own. This workshop works well for teams to attend and work together. By infusing creativity, perseverance and collaboration into curriculum, this year's extended school schedule will go by quickly with more fun than ever before. This is a great way to beat the post-testing doldrums and end the school year with fun and learning. 

SPU/Everett SD Clock Hours/SPU Credit available

4 sessions

Designed for K-8 educators

Dates & Times

Fee: $70.00

Closed: Class has started

Apr 17-May 8, Wednesdays 6-8:30 pm
Ages: Adult - 18+
Instructor: Mari Atkinson
Location: Multiple

Clock hours or college credit are available for this course.