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Basket Assemblage: Doing it my Way

This class is part of the NW Designer Craftsman Symposium and no discount codes may be used for registration. Thank you. 

The instructor will share with the class various methods he developed over the years to incorporate many varieties of materials into his basket sculptures. We will work with wire, hardware cloth, pop riveters and more to make numerous samples that will eventually be assembled into a basket.

All Levels

4 sessions

Students are urged to bring materials they are interested in using, but perhaps never knew quite how to incorporate them into their work. Scraps and recyclable materials are great, as well as collections of buttons and beads. Things need not be precious! We are more interested in transforming materials than showing off things that are already special. So, you might bring fibers, fabric, paper, plastics, metal, etc. Bring TOOLS that are appropriate to the materials: scissors, needles and thread, pliers, glue, tin snips, an electric drill. Don't go buy a new drill, but bring one if it is possible. We will be sharing as well. A pop riveter is a handy interesting tool and usually less than $20. And be reasonable in the amount you bring! A small suitcase or a box 12 x 16 x 12 of stuff to use (and share?) will be more than sufficient.

The instructor will bring addition supplies which are included in the class fee.


John Garrett graduated with a master's degree from UCLA in 1976 and lived in Southern California for twenty years before settling in New Mexico in 1990. His work recycles beads, tire treads, plastic flowers, hardware, and hair curlers into vessel forms. The artist grew up surrounded by Native American baskets and pottery and was always interested in the history of the people reflected in these objects. Garrett wants his pieces to inspire thoughts of abundance, of saving, of interior and exterior worlds, and, most of all, of the rewards of looking at things with a fresh eye.

Dates & Times

Fee: $650.00

Members: $650.00

Mar 6-Mar 9, Friday-Monday 9:30 am-4:30 pm
Instructor: John Garrett
Location: Hampton Inn