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Breathing Baskets

This class is part of the NW Designer Craftsman Symposium and no discount codes may be used for registration. Thank you.

This workshop will encourage participants to explore visual ideas suggested through openwork textile structures-knotted netting and knotless netting. Reserving openings for air and the importance of what is not there will be built into conceptually based quick studies and studio exploration. Materials used will include wire, telephone wire, reeds, waxed linen, and yarn, which has body and holds knots (and form) well. The workshop will be an experience in discovery and questioning and will provide ongoing ways of working after the workshop is over. Students will become comfortable with netting techniques, both knotted netting and looping, and understand how those can be used to express their ideas in sculptural baskets.

4 sessions

All Levels

Student supplies to purchase:

Please go to a hardware store and get a spool of 24 gauge copper wire, 100'@$5.99 and a 24 garage spool of galvanized steel wire or dark annealed steel wire, 100'@approimately $3.10.

Other supplies provided by the NWDC and instructor are included in registration fee.


Pat Hickman is a prominent conceptual fiber artist who creates forms we have never seen before. Her work is even more challenging as her signature material is unfamiliar gut or hog casing. Pat thoughtfully offers titles, clues to her silent communication; titles suggest metaphors; metaphors reveal stories. Pat Hickman is an artist and storyteller.

Dates & Times

Fee: $650.00

Members: $650.00

Mar 6-Mar 9, Friday-Monday 9:30 am-4:30 pm
Ages: Adult - 18+
Instructor: Pat Hickman
Location: Schack Art Center, Painting & Drawing Studio