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Develop Your Photographer's Eye

Compose mindfully and creatively. Avoid distractions, tailor backgrounds, see opportunities, use the right lens. Become aware of what will draw the viewer into your images.

I will present ideas for effective compositions, but the best way to learn is to analyze real photos. The class will discuss what works by looking at professional photos, plus images from me and my friends, and (if you choose to) some of your own. Bring your camera for in-class exercises.

It's not about rules! It's about helping you become conscious of why some images appeal to people and others do not. High impact requires effective communication with your viewer at both conscious and subconscious levels. Subconscious is most important because its where the emotional connection happens, where the oohs, aahs and giggles come from.

Do you sometimes get nifty images and would like to have that happen more often, please join us! Suitable for beginner to intermediate photographers and all kinds of cameras or smartphones. Good composition is universal.

All levels

3 sessions

Dates & Times

Fee: $100.00

Members: $90.00

Closed: Class has started

Oct 6-Oct 20, Sundays 1-3 pm
Ages: Adult - 18+
Instructor: Bill Ray
Location: Schack Art Center, Studio 2