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Drawing I - Sundays

Drawing is extremely easy and fun! We will be drawing a variety of subjects such as landscapes, animals, flowers and still lives in this class. We will be working in several drawing media and will be covering contrast, highlights/shadow, composition etc. in this exciting class! The subjects will be taught in a step-by-step fashion. You will be able to follow along with the steps to acheive beautiful finished projects!

Please bring supplies on the first day of class.

Supply List:

2B, 4B, 6B, 8B Pencils

4B, 8B Woodless Pencils

1-3 Erasers: For back of pencil or handheld white nylon erasers

Pencil sharpener (preferably metal handheld or electric (battery))

2 or more Fine Black Sharpies

1 or more Drawing Pads: (12x 16, 14x 18, or 16x20) (Depending on size preference)

Black and White Charcoal or Pastel

Charcoal Pencils (Soft and Medium in black and a white)

3-4 Drawing Stumps, various sizes

Can of Spray Fixative (Optional)

Paper Towels

Dates & Times

Fee: $190.00

Members: $180.00

Closed: Class has started

May 20-Jun 24, Sundays 3:30-5:45 pm
Ages: 15 & up
Instructor: Peter Barth
Location: Schack Art Center, Painting & Drawing Studio