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Making goblets can be a difficult and potentially frustrating process.  Small mistakes that are not addressed are compounded through each step of the process.  This class will focus on breaking down the process into simple and easily digestible steps, highlighting the fact that blowing nice cups is not about employing "a bunch of tricks," but instead about doing the simple things well.  Gathering, marvering, and bubble set up are of the utmost importance and quality will be scrutinized and emphasized throughout the course. Timing, movement through the shop and positioning will also be addressed.  We will begin by focusing on the cup or bowl and will build from there, introducing transitional bits, feet, stems and use of the garage for assembly.  Straying from the ornate, we will focus on understanding through repetition.  

Intermediate - Prerequisite: Glass II

Dates & Times

Fee: $260.00

Members: $220.00

Closed: Class has started

Aug 3 & Aug 4, Saturday & Sunday 1-6 pm
Ages: Ages 18 & up
Instructor: Rich Langley & Chris Schuelke
Location: Schack Art Center, Hot Shop

This class has prerequisites. (see class description)