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Intro to Flameworking in Borosilicate-Simple Ornaments

Brad Goda Photography

Explore the basics of lampworking with clear borosilicate glass. Learn how to melt glass rods with a bench-mounted torch and then manipulate the molten gather on the end of the rod with tools to create simple round and flattened shapes, and even twisted icicles, all of which we will turn into small hanging ornaments. 

Students will learn melting boro glass and controlling the molten gather, using tools to flatten and shape a gather of glass, transferring shapes to a punty with a temporary attachment, perhaps adding a little decorative color and ultimately a glass bail to be able to hang them.

Students make several different types of small solid glass ornaments, from simple small solid round shapes to flattened small discs and icicles (created by flattening a disc, heating it up and twisting while pulling)


All supplies provided

1 session

Dates & Times

Fee: $95.00

Members: $85.00

Closed: Class has started

December 7, Saturday 12 noon-4 pm
Ages: Ages 16 & up
Instructor: Staci Adman
Location: Schack Art Center, Flame & Kiln Studio