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Lampworking: Glass Icicles

Ages: 18 and up

Levels: Beginner

Sessions: One

Instructor: Staci Adman

Students will create twisted glass icicle ornaments out of borosilicate glass using a bench-mounted torch. This is a great introduction to flameworking.

Students will learn how to create a gather of molten glass on the end of a glass rod, flatten it with a masher tool into a disc, then reheat it to twist and pull it into an icicle shape. After doing the process with just clear glass, we will try adding a little color to the edges of the discs before reheating and twisting.

Students will create a few to several icicle ornaments.

All supplies included.

Dates & Times

Fee: $85.00

Members: $75.00

Class Full

December 4, Saturday 1-4 pm
Ages: Ages 18 and up
Instructor: Staci Adman
Location: Schack Art Center, Flame & Kiln Studio