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Lightroom Essentials Guided Tour

Make "pop" what inspired you! Learn to lighten or darken, reveal hidden detail, correct colors, crop out distractions and straighten perspective. Selectively blur or blacken backgrounds with masked brushes.

Lightroom is a powerful feature-rich editing environment which becomes fast and easy after you get past the initial learning curve. Simply diving in and trying things can feel like going down Alice's Wonderland rabbit hole. This guided tour shows you how to get useful editing done with Lightroom and avoid common pitfalls. Learn about:

1- Library Import, Catalog and File Management, Culling images, Backup

2- Develop Panels: Color, Tone, Presence, Histogram. Straighten walls. Synch edits

3- Crop and level tool. Masked Adjustment Brush tool for Dodge, Burn, Vignette, Backgrounds

4- Export jpeg for web post, email or printing service

5- HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Discover a safe effective workflow though the essential operations. Applies to Lightroom Classic by subscription or LR6.


Lecture Style - no equipment needed

3 session

Dates & Times

Fee: $100.00

Members: $90.00

Feb 2-Feb 16, Sundays 1-3 pm
Ages: Adult - 18+
Instructor: Bill Ray
Location: Schack Art Center, Studio 2