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Lightroom with Photoshop Assist

This is one of three independent tips classes on Lightroom. Each class stands on its own and they can be taken in any order. Applies to Lightroom Classic Subscription directly, and except for details to LR6.

New users are recommended to start with the 3-session introduction instead which is a guided tour through the core capabilities.

Lightroom Classic is a powerful feature-rich tool but there are some things that Photoshop can do which Lightroom cannot. This tips and techniques class uses Photoshop like a "plugin", where Lightroom remains the primary application.

* Introduction to Photoshop layers for Lightroom users

* Learn how to drop into Photoshop and return to Lightroom

* Content Aware fill removes distractions, even surprisingly big ones

* Add text blocks to your image

* Focus Stack for more depth of field so the whole subject is perfectly sharp

* Do two-part composites, like Milky Way foreground vs sky


Lecture style - no equipment needed

1 session

Dates & Times

Fee: $35.00

Members: $30.00

March 29, Sunday 1-3 pm
Ages: Adult - 18+
Instructor: Bill Ray
Location: Schack Art Center, Studio 2