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Oil Painting Workshop

Oil painting is a fun way to express your creative spirit. It's the most forgiving of all painting mediums. As you develop your skills, you'll soon be on your way! We will learn how to blend colors, which brush to use and how to apply the paint. You will be guided through different techniques such as: wet-on-wet, fat over lean, palette knives painting, and so on.

All levels

Supply list (please bring to class):

  • Tube Oil Paint Set
  • Odorless mineral spirit or Daniel Smith DS SOL
  • Artists' canvas, pre-stretched and primed for oil painting, small size under 24 inches (ex: 12" x 12", 9" x 12")
  • Basic sketch pad (ex: 9 x 12")
  • pencil
  • Latex disposable gloves
  • Basic palette tray, palette knife and a variety of oil painting brushes
  • 2 jars / clean tin cans
  • Paper towels, rags
  • Reference materials; your photos or sketches, if you are not working from memory.

  (Digital images are fine if bring your own iPad or laptop to view them) 

1 session

Dates & Times

Fee: $95.00

Members: $85.00

April 30, Thursday 11 am-5 pm
Ages: 15 & up
Instructor: Anna Mastronardi Novak
Location: Schack Art Center, Painting & Drawing Studio