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Perfecting Your Photos in Lightroom

Want to bring out the best in your photos? Ready to move beyond snapshots? Learn to crop out distractions, lighten or darken to reveal detail and correct colors. Selectively blur or blacken backgrounds. Make "pop" what inspired you about the picture!

Lightroom is professional photo development software which has a friendly editing interface suited to new users with slider adjustments, instant feedback and infinite undo. However, it is feature rich and operates differently from the usual Windows or Mac business app. If you simply dive into Lightroom for a test drive, it can be like going down Alice's rabbit hole to encounter the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts.


This class will show you the Yellow Brick Road from your camera through adjustments to an eye-catching social media post or a lovely big print. It's the map I wish I'd had when I decided to add Lightroom to my software toolkit. I will help you up the learning curve.


Topics: Library Import and file management. Develop Panels Basic (White Balance, Tone, Presence), Tone Curve, Lens Corrections, Transform Perspective, Dehaze. Tools to Crop, Adjustment Brushes, Remove Spots, Gradient. Print or Export jpeg. HDR and B&W.


Prerequisites: Access to Lightroom Classic CC 2018 or Lightroom 6 for assignments. Recommend you start saving RAW files in your camera along with the JPEGs. Lightroom can improve your JPEGs but it will do much more with RAW files, such as recover detail in shadows.


3 sessions

Dates & Times

Fee: $100.00

Members: $90.00

Oct 27-Nov 10, Sundays 1-3 pm
Ages: Adult - 18+
Instructor: Bill Ray
Location: Schack Art Center, Studio 2