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Photography I: Digital Photography Intro

This class is a basic introduction to the fundamentals of photography, designed to help students move beyond the auto settings of their cameras. They will learn some basic photography techniques so that they know how to creatively control and predict the outcome of their photographs.

In this workshop, we will use natural/ambient light (available light), AND fill/strobe (flash) light for photographing a variety of subjects indoor and outside.

Each Student will be required to have their own digital camera. Make and model does not matter. DSLRs, Point and Shoot, or most current smart phones that can operate in *manual* mode are all applicable.

Please bring to class:

Notepad and paper - for notes
Camera, Tripod (if you have one), items for still life study...from a selection of fruits or
veggies, to figurines, urns, shells, books, dolls, antique wares, - any group of objects that you find interesting and are easy to carry.
And a backdrop cloth - solid color or patterned.

Dates & Times

Fee: $55.00

Members: $50.00

Closed: Class has started

June 15, Saturday 11 am-2 pm
Ages: 16 & up
Instructor: Berette Macaulay
Location: Schack Art Center, Studio 2