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Sci Fi & Fantasy Drawing

Ages: 10 and up

Levels: All levels

Sessions: Six

Instructor: Pete Barth

Explore the fascinating world of fantasy creatures in this exciting class! We will depict Dragons, Dinos, Mecha, Monsters, Robots, Elves, Gnomes, Trolls, Shape-Shifters, Mutants, Clones, Giant Insectoids, Animal-Creature Hybrids, Multi-Creature Hybrids, and all the amazing things they do! Running, flying, swimming, battling foes, rescuing heroes, breathing fire, etc.!

We will explore creatures in a variety of media — starting with drawing, and continuing on in the media of your choice — colored pencil, watercolor and markers.

Dates & Times

Fee: $240.00

Members: $230.00

Sat, Oct 30 - Dec 11, (no class Nov 27), 11:15-1:15pm
Ages: 10 & up
Instructor: Peter Barth
Location: Schack Art Center, Painting & Drawing Studio