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Understanding Color I

Have you ever been frustrated when choosing colors for an art project, sewing project, painting or even deciding what to wear? Does it seem that sometimes you get it and other times you don't? Learning basic color theory will give you the tools, knowledge and understanding to make those choices a whole lot easier and more fun.

Students will learn:

Basic color terminology, and the color wheel

Monochromatic - Value, Intensity & Saturation
Color Relationships - Analogous, Complimentary, Near Compliments & Proportion

Color Relationships - Contrasts and how colors affect each other

Contrasts with Neutrals, Simultaneous Contrast, Contrast of Saturation

Students will make a set of reference worksheets on color theory, and one or more small paintings each class using the concepts presented each day.

All levels.

Students should bring:
Pencil and paper for note taking.
Plastic Water Container
Paper Towels

Optional supplies for students to bring:
For those students who already use water based media (watercolor, gouache, acrylic), they are invited to bring what they have.
Required colors: 6 basic pure hues: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, plus black and white
Their own brushes
watercolor sketch book

Dates & Times

Fee: $70.00

Members: $60.00

Closed: Class has started

March 9, Saturday 11 am-3 pm
Ages: Adult - 18+
Instructor: Lois Gaylord
Location: Schack Art Center, Painting & Drawing Studio