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Mixed Media Glass

These classes do not fall into our other glass categories or they are a combination of two. Examples would be drawing or etching on glass or cold working an already made glass piece.

Art Exercises for Relaxation

Stressed out? Haven't had the time to get your creative juices flowing? Come join us for a couple hours of creative relaxation by exploring exercises that will relieve stress of the 9-5 and energize your creativity.

Dates & Times

November 3, Sunday 1-3 pm
Ages: Adult - 18+
Instructor: Alicia Czerwiec
Location: Schack Art Center, Studio 1

Basic Glass Cutting 101

In this class, students learn about basic tools to cut and break apart glass.

You will learn how to do the three basic cuts: inside curves, outside curves, and straight lines. Students will have the skills to be more creative when taking fusing classes. This class is also for anyone wanting to improve their cutting skills.

Dates & Times

November 6, Wednesday 6-9 pm
Ages: Ages 18 & up
Instructor: Anita Black
Location: Schack Art Center, Flame & Kiln Studio


Students will be instructed on the efficient and safe usage of the equipment and techniques necessary for the successful cutting and polishing of glass objects.

Dates & Times

Nov 9 & Nov 10, Saturday & Sunday 10 am-2 pm
Ages: Ages 16 & up
Instructor: Rebecca Chernow
Location: Cold shop