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ZOOM Online class - Acrylic Painting I

Acrylics are one of the most versatile media ever invented! Bright, luminous colors, ease of use, and infinite techniques make acrylic painting a boundless, creative choice. Whether you are intrigued by acrylic's potential, or have worked in acrylic for years, this class has something for everyone!

We will cover the basics of composition, light & shadow, color harmony, and perspective. You will have the opportunity to paint a variety of subjects: landscapes, animals, plants, national parks, birds, sailboats, still lives. We will delve into some of the alternative techniques acrylics has to offer: washes, layering, dripping, sponging, spraying, textured mediums, collage, etc! Expand your creative horizons in this fun and informative class!

Beginner, Intermediate

6 sessions

This class will take place live over ZOOM. The instructor will send an invitation to students to join the class at the schedule time. Please have your supplies ready to go on the first day. The class is limited to 10 students for optimum teacher/student interaction.

Supplies can be purchased online at, or could be purchased at Joann Fabrics or Michaels.


Supply List:


1 pad disposable palette



Short handled watercolor brushes

Rounds  - 1, 1/16" wide

Filberts -
1, 3/8" wide
pick two of these three 5/32", 5/8" or 1/4"

Flat - 1" wide

Angle brush - (optional)-  (small- 1/4" wide, or less)  


CANVAS 3-4, canvases in a size like 12x16, 11x14 or 16x20 depending on availability

1, 10 sheet 9x12 watercolor pad, 120 lb



Liquitex Basics or some other students grade acrylic paint.


Titanium White

Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue

Cadmium Yellow Light Hue (


Cadmium Red Medium

Ultramarine Blue

Pthalo Blue

Mars Back

Pthalo Green

Cadmium Orange Medium Hue

Dioxazine Purple


Water Jars: Like PB&J, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, etc (glass or plastic)

Paper Towels

2b or hb pencil

white vinyl eraser (or pink pearl)

Sharpener (preferably with shavings catcher)



Plastic Wrap or plastic bag

Aluminum Foil

Dates & Times

Fee: $155.00

Members: $145.00

Sundays, 8/9-9/20 (skip 9/6), 3:30-5:45pm
Ages: Teen - 13+, Adult - 18+
Instructor: Peter Barth
Location: ZOOM class