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Resources for Learning at Home

While Schack Art Center is closed to help slow the spread of the COVID-19, we want to continue our mission of helping provide art education to the youth of Snohomish County.

We’ll be updating this space with lesson plans and ideas from Schack educators and volunteers as well as resources found online.

Be sure to check back every week for new updates. Click on the lesson plan title to be linked to a printable pdf of instructions.

Special thanks to Maren Oates, Nancy Bell, and Schack Education volunteers for helping facilitate this project.

example of papel picado

Lesson Plans and Projects from Schack Art Center:

MATH Activity: Place Value In the Round

About: Students will create a tool to help them understnad math concepts.

Materials used: 7 cups and some ball point pens or markers

Recommended for: ages 8+

Supplemental info: great YouTube video here showing you how to use the cups


MATH Activity: It's Time to Make a Clock

About: Students will create a clock by measuring, cutting, and being creative.

Materials used: paper plate, 2 colored paper rectangles, and a brad

Recommended for: k-2nd graders

Papel Picado Lesson Plan by Nancy Jordan

About: The students will create a banner of colorful patterned paper designs inspired by Mexican Folk Art. 

Materials used: multi-bright colored tissue paper, scissors, string, glue stick 

Recommended for: ages 8+

Is Hojalata (Mexican Tin Folk Art) by Nancy Jordan

About: The students will create a colorful embossed creature on aluminum tooling foil.

Materials used:6”x 6” aluminum foil square, scissors, ball point pen, sharpened pencil, clear tape, magazine (or other padded surface), bright colored Sharpie permanent markers or Dry-erase markers, handout with samples of reptile/creature silhouettes

Recommended for: grades 1-8

Supplemental Info: additional  pdf with info and example pictures

Creating Alebrijes at Home by Hillary Shearer

About: Alebrijes originated in Mexico City in the 20th century, in 1936. Learn about their history and try making your own.

Materials used: air dry clay and paint

Recommended for: grades 1-8


See Me - Don’t Discard: Found Treasures Self-Portrait created by Mari Atkinson

About: Create a project inspired by PNW artist Marita Dingus. Explore why and how she creates art from used and discarded objects.

Materials used: assorted found objects, photos, magazine clippings for assemblage

Recommended for: grades k-6

Supplemental info: find Marita's website here and take a virtual tour of her January 2020 exhibit from Schack Art Center right here


Georgia O’ Keeffe’s Mountain/ Learning to Paint a Landscape by Kathy Simons

About: Learn about Georgie O' Keeffe while students will explore using 3 watercolor techniques: wet brush, dry, layering.

Materials used:watercolor, brushes, paper

Recommended for: grades k-5


Jackson Pollock Inspired Project

About: Introduce students to Jackson Pollock and create a collage papers that can be used in additional projects.

Materials used:paper, paint, pans, marbles, toy cars, sticks

Recommended for: grades k-5


Louise Nevelson - The ‘Original Recycler’ by Mari Atkinson 

About: Find innovative ways to show their concern for the environment and inspire the masses to reuse / repurpose and recycle / upcycle for a better future through artwork.

Materials used:cardboard, glue

Recommended for: grades k-6


Birch Basket by Mari Atkinson

About: Create a simple birch basket from paper and paint.

Materials used: brown craft paper, paint, colored pencils or pastels, raffia or artificial sinew

Recommended for: grades 1-6


Online Art Lessons, Virtual Galleries, and Resources:

Spring 2020 Issue of Splatter Magazine-this magazine is put out by the Washington Art Education Association and includes great projects, links, and articles.

Art.Write.Now.Tour 2019–20 Educator’s Guide-Use this resource in conjunction with the Scholastic Awards’ national traveling exhibition, in person or online at

OER Commons-OER Commons is a public, digital library of open educational resources. Explore, create and colaborate with educators from around the world.

Dick Blick Art Lessons - Explore hundreds of free art lessons on their website, plus some how-lesson plan videos on their YouTube Channel here. The lessons are for a variety of levels, but we recommend them for older elementary and middle school students. 

Online Resources from Seattle Art Museum-The Seattle Art Museum has created several Online Interactive sites for students and educators. Many of them have downloadble guides and lesson plans available.

Instructables- Get the invention bug by browsing through over one hundred thousand projects on this site!  Crafts, home DIY, electronics, programming, pretty much anything you can think of.  Super-inspiring, too.  Upload your own amazing projects as well!

Education Programs at the Schack

Schack's K-12 education programs offer unique learning opportunities through accredited teacher workshops, art docent training for parent/volunteers, a lending library of Art Outreach Suitcases, an annual college scholarship, art competitions for middle and high school students, exhibition space, gallery field trips, and weekly art classes for incarcerated youth.

These programs offer students and teachers the ability to develop critical understandings of art and culture and their relationship to our own lives.

Today around 14,000 students and educators from public, private, and home schools in Snohomish County participate in our art education programs every year.

We would like to thank our Sponsors; The Boeing Company and BNSF for helping fund these programs. 

Without such generous support from Sponsors, educators, parents, staff, and volunteers-this would not be possible. Thank you, all. 

Art Education Calendar

Click here to download a pdf of 2019-20 Art Education calendar.

Art Education - Fall 2019 Newsletter

Click here to download a pdf version of our Art Education newsletter for Fall 2019.