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Float Find 2020

Float Find 2020

August 1 – 30, 2020
Everett, Wa

For the past several years, we've hosted our annual Float Find at Jetty Island on the third Saturday in August. Usually during this treasure hunt, staff and volunteers hide 200 handblown glass floats for seekers to find.

We won’t be able to have hundreds of people crowded on Jetty Island this year. But, we have a new plan to make this an inclusive and inventive treasure hunt spanning the month of August and across the city of Everett. 


During the month of August, we will hide 200 specially marked orange Frisbees throughout Everett parks. When you find a Float Find Frisbee, bring it into Schack Art Center during our operating hours and redeem it for a beautiful, handblown glass float! This way, we can all maintain our distance and you have multiple chances to find them. Share the love, one Frisbee per person/limit two per household, please.



  • Volunteers will hide Frisbees at undisclosed Everett park locations early in the morning on each Saturday in August, 2020.
  • Each Saturday in August at 10am, we will release the names of the specific Everett Parks where we hid the Frisbees for that week. They will appear here on this page (scroll down to the bottom). 
  • You can then go and search for the Frisbees at the specific Everett parks (remember to wear a mask and keep your distance from others so that we can all stay safe and healthy).
  • When you find a Frisbee, bring it into Schack Art Center during our operating hours and trade it in for a beautiful, handblown glass float!


  • The park locations will be spread throughout the city of Everett. Whether you’re in North, Central or South Everett, a park near you should show up on our list. 
  • Please follow best social distancing practices and wear a mask when looking for your Frisbee. 
  • Be respectful of others enjoying the park and please do not damage any wildlife or vegetation during your search. PLEASE NO DIGGING.
  • Share the love, one Frisbee per person/limit two per household, please.


Thank you to the City of Everett for allowing us permission to hide in our city parks. Click here for a map of all Everett Parks. 

And a huge thank you to Rodland Toyota for sponsoring this fun, annual event!


Promotion made possible in part by the assistance from the Snohomish County Hotel-Motel Tax Fund.

Please keep it to one per person/TWO PER HOUSEHOLD MAX. We want to spread the happiness, please make it so as many people as possible can participate. Thank you!

August 29th update: Calling all Float Find seekers! This week’s Frisbees have been hidden at the following parks: Langus Riverfront Park, Hannabrook Park, Walter E. Hall Park, Grand Ave. Park.

Happy Hunting! Thanks to our volunteers for hiding the Frisbees.

Questions or comments? Email the Coordinators at

August 22nd parks: Forest Park, Hauge Homestead Park, Jackson Park.

August 15th parks: Howarth Park, Kasch Park, Garfield Park.

August 8 parks: Harborview Park, Thorton A. Sullivan Park, and Wiggums Hollow Park

August 1 parks: American Legion Memorial Park, Lion'sPark, and Lowell Park & Riverfront Trail. 




Legion Memorial, 3

Lowell Park, 1

Lions Park, 1

Harborview, 1

Thorton A. Sullivan, 2

Wiggums Hollow, 1

Howarth, 3

Kasch, 0

Garfield, 0

Forest, 6

Hauge Homestead, 4

Jackson, 3

Langus, 6

Hannabrook, 2

Walter E. Hall, 3

Grand Avenue, 2