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Poster Artist: Kimberly Mattson

The 2020 Fresh Paint festival poster features artwork by Everett based artist Kimberly Mattson

About Kimberly Mattson:


Kimberly is a midwest native who moved to Everett in 2009 to establish roots as an artist and designer. To say she has blossomed is an understatement. She's invested ten plus years designing and painting for organizations in the public and private sectors. She's created a series of expressive fine works on canvas, and has collectors and respected collaborators throughout the region. Recently, she has completed murals for several schools in Snohomish County, and is continuing to establish herself as a fine artist and designer.

Her life goal is to fill space in a beautiful way, and has employed a diverse set of styles and skills as an artist to execute beautiful compositions in a variety of mediums, small or large, digital and by hand. Kimberly lives with her husband and works from her home studio in beautiful north Everett. View Kim's paintings for sale and other work at her website here. Find prints and fun floral pieces for sale in her Etsy Shop here

Follow her journey into pattern design on Instagram @lovelydaystudio

Follow her creative process and fine art work Instagram @fillspaceinabeautifulway #fillspaceinabeautifulway