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GOLDEN Acrylic Virtual Lecture/Demo

GOLDEN Acrylic Virtual Lecture/Demo

Sun, Jan 24, 1-2:30pm with Barbara De Pirro

This free online event packs in a ton of valuable information about acrylics, guiding listeners through the basics while opening up new possibilities. Learn the unique properties of GOLDEN Fluid Acrylic Colors, Heavy Body Acrylic Colors, OPEN Acrylic Colors and High Flow Acrylics. Get a comprehensive overview on the many Gels & Mediums and how they can change texture, viscosity, saturation, intensity of color and more. The lecture includes a review of Grounds that create truly, contemporary surfaces for painting, drawing and mixed media. Each event includes an array of examples of these materials put to use. Artists will leave enthusiastic to explore the extensive potential of Acrylic!

Attendees (US/Canada) will have the opportunity to receive free samples mailed direct. More details will be sent upon registration. The Zoom link will be emailed the day prior to the event.

This event is free and intended for those 18 and older. All levels welcome. Limit 60 people.

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