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Artists in the Patch

In addition to the 700+ glass pumpkins and gourds at the Schack. We also have some wonderful harvest themed artwork and gifts in the gallery.

Here are a few examples.

Kelly Sooter

Kippi Leonard

Heather Wagenbach

Catherine James

Other artists participating include: Pat Smith, Ken Taylor, Ken Vander Putten, Janie Olsen, Rob Gischer, Gary Giovane, Catherine James, Gretchen W Shepherd, Kate Orange, Sally Abbey, Laurie Olsen, Sylvia Shapiro, Kate Dougherty, Lonni Flowers, Jason Otto, Diane Sarr, Diane Staub, Lori and Joel Soderberg, Heather Wagenbach, Becca Heavrin, Kippi Leonard, Nancy Richards, Cathy Metschar, Kelly Sooter, Katherine Holzknecht, Wolff Bowden, Alice Becker, Sonya Lang, Chris Buckley, Jamie Pitts, Cheryl Hufnagel, and Carol Christie Castaneda