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2021 Holiday Exhibit and Northwest Watercolor Society Signature Exhibition
Past Exhibit

2021 Holiday Exhibit and Northwest Watercolor Society Signature Exhibition

November 18 – January 2

About the Exhibit

Shop for unique gifts from our Annual Holiday Art Exhibit, including a large mix of regional glass, ceramic, wood and jewelry artists, as well as the Northwest Watercolor Society Signature Exhibition.  This national organization presents a collection of work representing the best of the best in water media.

Participating artists include:

Schack Art Center juried artists: Barbara Ansley-Vensas, Avery Armstrong, Ursula Burnham, Aaron Barr, Tatyana Brown, Julie Bensch, Nick Clawson, Shannon Danks, Maura Freeman, Babs Fulton, Isaac Feuerman, Jeanne Gardner, Bob Gottwald, Joni Johnson, Gale Johansen, Kuria Jorissen, Anna Balivet Jordan, Steve Jensen, Leah Kaczanowicz, Vicki Lash, Rich Langley, Maija McKnight, Ed McDonald, Jodie Sarah Masiwchuk, Adriana Mannion, Robert Mays, Eddie Magliaro, Gabi Nirino, Maren Oates, Michael Quayle, Laurie Richardson, Susan Rothschild, Jerry Steffen, Alan Smith, Paula Sweet, Joel and Lori Soderberg, Chris Schuelke, Jean Shaffer, Shannon Tipple-Leen, Sarah Tucker, Roberta Wyde, Jill Whitmore, Jamie Wick, Josey Wise, Robin Westbrook

Northwest Watercolor Society Signature members: Keith Artz, Kate Aubrey, Diane Aurigemma, Sherri Bails, Roger Baker, Kay Barnes, Elise Beattie, Kay Cassill, Kathy Collins, Julie Creighton, Jack Dorsey, Alexandra Eyer, Beverly Fotheringham, Joan Frey, Kristi Galindo Dyson, Jeff Good, Deborah Haggman, Sandy Haight. Lori Hess. Bill Hook, Catherine James, Noah Kinigstein, Doreen Koch Allen, John Krenik, James McFarlane, Bobbie Mueller, Molly Murrah, Alice Owen, Ron Pattern, H. Rusty Platz III, Lisa Pope, Ilse Reimnitz, Patricia Renner, Jay Rider, Deborah, Roskopf, Sueellen Ross, Alayne Sahar, George M. Schoonover, Mary Schossow Schumaker, Shelley Skoropinski Supple, Jane Stoddard, Michael Thoreson, Li Turner, Liz Walker, Kathryn Wedge, Steve Whitney

About the Northwest Watercolor Society

The Northwest Watercolor Society was founded in 1939 in Seattle, Washington when a group of eight artists came together to form an organization dedicated to the celebration of watercolor.  With a goal to inspire both a lasting interest in the art of watercolor painting and an appreciation for watercolor as an artful, imaginative medium, the history of NWWS began.

In 1992, NWWS extended the offer of membership to all residents of the United States and Canada.  In 2011, the society once more expanded its outreach - this time, worldwide!  NWWS has become truly international in all definitions of the word by opening its membership and entry into its exhibitions to water media artists universally!  Recently NWWS has expanded into all forms of water media to broaden our appreciation and exposure of the various forms of water media.

Our Signature Members have achieved one of the highest honors awarded to our members and truly represent the best of the best in water media that NWWS has to offer.

Although NWWS has grown enormously throughout the years in both numbers and accomplishments, we remain firmly rooted in our history, devoted to the philosophy of the Mission Statement of our Founders….

“To promote and elevate the art of watercolor as a medium, to encourage the growth and creativity of our artist members as we remain a prime artistic resource of the Northwest….”


Banner artwork by Kristi Galindo Dyson

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