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21st Juried Art Show
Past Exhibit

21st Juried Art Show

March 8 – April 14

Main Gallery

Kim Simonelli, Acrobats

Jurors Chris Hopkins and Gale Johansen selected a diverse collection of pieces to produce an eclectic and visually stimulating exhibit of Northwest artists from nearly 600 entries.

Click here to view our Facebook album with all the selected pieces. 

Top Award Winning Pieces:

Grand Prize: Rick Holst, "Avoca"


1st Prize 2D: Karen Graber, "Two-Faced Woman"

2nd Prize 2D: Wayne Rutledge, "Jim"

3rd Prize 2D: Bill Ray, "Dazzling New Day"

1st Prize 3D: Russ Riddle, "Tree of Harmony"

2nd Prize 3D: Terri Shinn, "Tundra"

3rd Prize 3D: Maria Wickwire, "And When at Last I Find You"


Participating Artists:

Sally Abbey, Amanda Adams, C. Baij, Deborah Baker, Patti Barker, Karla Kay Benjamin, Betsy Best,  Brooke Borcherding, Susan Brendon, Margaert Byrd, Amy Carter, Rick Cash, Michele Caskey, Charles Cataldo, Dedrian Clark, Buffy Cribbs, Rhonda Dicksion, Laura Elmore, Kathey Ervin, Kathleen Faulkner, Keith Field, Lonni Flowers, Cynthia Gaub, Robert E Gigliotti, Rob Gischer, Jennifer Good, Cory Goulet, Karen Graber, Tom Gross Shader, Tom Guffey, Joy Hagen, Janet Hamilton, Christina Harvey, Rick Holst, Susie Howell, Donna Hudson, Inger Hutton, Nico Inzerella, Joanna Jenks, Bonnie Johnson, Kathy Johnson, Vicki Johnson, Kathleen Kemly, Diann Kincaid, Sharon Kita, Doreen Koch Allen, Michelle Kochon, William Koger, Jacob Kohn, Yury Konyshev, Sonya Lang, Michael Lanka, Molly LeMaster, Kippi Leonard, Stacy Lovejoy, Gwen Lowery, L. Kelly Lyles, Janci Mannington, Barbara Martin, Terri Martin, Gail Martinez, Rohini Mathur, Deborah McCoy, Ed McDonald, Dorothy McGuinness, Peg McNair, Patricia McNamee, Cathy Metschar, Gina Michel, Jazz Morgan, Christopher Morrison, Bruce Morrow, Pamela Mummy, Angelo Muzzin, Mary Anne Nagy, Mike O'Day, Earl Olsen, Janie Olsen, Mickey O'Reilly, John Parks, Margarita Passmore, Julie Perrine, Suzanne Powers, Stan Price, Elena Ramirez, Julia Rapinoe, Bill Ray, Frank Renlie, Russ Riddle, Sue Robertson, Chris Romine, Carol ross, Mary Rowland, Wayne Rutledge, Lia Santini, Diane Sarr, Elsie Scharff, Mary Schossow Schumaker, Kathleen Secrest, Beverly Shaw-Starkovich, Terri Shinn, Kim Simonelli, Pat Smith, James Snitily, Lori Soderberg, Sandi Staples, Diane Staub, Bryon Stewart, Robert Stockton, Vickie Stokes, Ryan Synovec, Ken Taylor, Janis Trowbridge-Howes, Marilyn Tuohy, Michael Velling, Jan Viney, Laura Viola Preciado, Brooke Walker-Knoblich, Hap Wertheimer, Maria Wickwire, Frank Wieditz, Irina Williams, John Worthey, and Barbara Wyatt

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