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Upcoming Exhibit

Anna Skibska: Edges and Facets

October 13 – November 12

Artist Reception : October 13 from 5-8pm

In this exhibition, Anna sums up years of her artistic experiments and experiences by presenting her artwork and fascination with light as a poly-solid built out of Edges and Facets.


Join us on Saturday, October 15 from 12 - 2pm for a walk-through and lecture with featured artist Anna Skibska followed by a glassblowing demonstration featuring Julie Conway.




Trained in fine arts, now recognized as a sculptor of glass, I am not interested in glass per se. It is only one medium that conveys my thoughts, embodies my visions. I work with space, time, light. Sometimes I do collages, photography, film. Sometimes I design small sculptural forms like jewelry. The latter I like passionately.

Sometimes I write. Sometimes I design interiors—just for my proper, artistic hygiene.

I believe that architecture is a crown for art, sound and silence, light and dark, not mere brick and steel. Architecture and art are strongly connected: Fine arts do not decorate architecture; architecture is not a shell for fine arts. They are an integral part of each other, and this relationship interests me, as do monumental forms. I develop my thoughts via a unique technique known as Anna Skibska Technique. I have developed the technique and it serves me well: I like to wrap space, embrace time, and trap light, working on them simultaneously from the same beginning.

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