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Art of Recycling
Past Exhibit

Art of Recycling

April 1 – June 5

Repurpose with a Purpose

Keeping Tabs by Barbara De Pirro

Banner image: patron looking up at "Undercurrents: Plasticene 2019" installation by Maria Phillips 

Participating artists showcase their creativity by turning otherwise discarded materials into works of art. This exhibit aims to shine a spotlight on the environmental, social, and emotional impact of waste as well as explore new ideas about recycling and repurposing.

Though these artists come from widely diverse backgrounds, they all share a common bond: the ability to transform waste objects into works renewed beauty, utility and meaning.

Participating Artists:

Staci Adman, Francie Allen, Michael Arndt, Justin Bergevin, Danielle Bodine, Joanne Bohannon, Alea Bone, Eric Brown, Rod Countryman, Steve Cox, Daisy Curley, Barbara De Pirro, Marita Dingus, Francis X. Donovan, Scott Fife, Jenny Fillius, Shimiorigami, Kim Groff-Harrington, Stuart Gullstrand, Karen Hackenberg, Chris Hopkins, Jan Hopkins, Steve Jensen, Gale Johansen, Diane Kurzyna aka Ruby Re-Usable, Kelly Lyles, Jennifer MacLean, R.R. Meisler, Claire Mendelsohn, Randy Morris, Karin Mueller, Cheri O’Brien, Debbie Palmer, Ross Palmer Beecher, Maria Phillips, Inge Roberts, Kathy Ross, Heather Saddler, Graham Schodda, Loran Scruggs, Patti Shaw, Terri Shinn, Tony Stinson, Steven Suski, Pat Tassoni, Chris Theiss, Mandy Jene Turner, Lucy Mae VanZanden, Pieter VanZanden, Emily Wamsley and Ron Yeo.

More artists coming soon!

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Art of Recycling: Repurpose with a Purpose Education related Programming

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April 16th and May 21st

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Virtual Teen Night

April 15th

Recycled Book Making with Seattle Recreative: Create your very own book out of materials you would otherwise throw away or recycle.

May 20th

Art + Tech + Trash with Claire Mendelsohn.  Add a creative spin to your reuse art with LEDs.

There will be a limited number of electronics kits available to teens for this activity on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Stay tuned to website for update.

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