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Art of the Garden
Current Exhibit

Art of the Garden

June 23 – August 27

Main Gallery

An Opening Reception is planned for June 23 from 5-8pm!

Stop and smell the roses in our Art of the Garden Exhibition featuring nearly 300 pieces by over 100 PNW artists! From acrylics to sculptures and everything in between, this exhibition is sure to delight any nature or garden lover. No green thumb necessary! 

Our Gallery Store will also be overflowing with unique gifts, adding whimsy and character to your favorite flower patch!

Free Admission. 


Nancy Adamson, Staci Adman, Manolo Aguilera, Lisa Alden, Nina Alderete, Barbara Ansley-Vensas, Aaron Barr, Neil Berkowitz, Chaim and Yonnah Bezalel-Levy, Lindsey Bishop, Danielle Bodine, Joanne Bohannon, Belinda Botzong, Monica Bretherton, Scot Briscoe, Elizabeth Bruno, Erika Bruss, Manuel Castro, Amber Chiozza, Penny Clayton, Jamie Curtis Smith, Shannon Danks, Claire Dong, Kate Dougherty, Kate Dougherty, Amy Duncan, Gretchen Durepo, Annika Elizabeth, Amy Ferron, Lonni Flowers, Keith Field, Susan Freeman, T. Frick, Babs Fulton, Jeanne Gardner, Nikki Gardner, Persis Gayle, Gary Giovane, Sharon Gottula, Camilo Guaqueta, Mary Hambly, Janet Hamilton, Jim Hays, Gabriel Herrera, Gina Holt, Katherine Holzknecht, Janis Howes, Cheryl Ann Hufnagel, Hannah Klaus Hunter, Catherine M. James, Lezlie Jane, Steve Jensen, Gale Johansen, Joni Johnson, Paige Johnson, Michaelinda Kaestner, Sharon Kita, Mary Klump, Curt W Labitzke, Miles Labitzke, Sonya Lang, Lilija Lapsa, Andrea Lewicki, Cindy Lieberman, Galina Lintz, Nancy Loorem, Eddie Magliaro, Adrianna Mannion, Anna Mastronardi Novak, Deborah McCarroll, Michael McClun, Elaine Mros, Stephanie Mulvey, Connie Rae Munford, Greg Navratil, Peter Newland, Cindy Nordaker, Richie Novello, Jennifer Oak, Maren Oates, Laurie Olsen, Jamie Olsen, Janie Olsen, Debbie Palmer, Janice Patterson, Julie Perrine, Vicki Platts-Brown, Johanna Porter, Polly Purvis, Rachel Recker, Meredith Regal, Jody Romero, Susan Rothschild, Diane Sarr, Colin Satterfield, Karin Schminke, Chris Schuelke, Brian Seldt, Barbara Shaiman, Beverly Shaw-Starkovich, Joanne Shellan, Merridy Shinn, Amy Slater, Debbie L. Smith, Pat Smith, Lisa SnowLady, Martha Soriano, Liz St.Andre, Janet Still, Christine Stoll, Jess Sweeney, Jan Tervonen, Shannon Tipple-Leen, Julie Titone, James Toner, Sandi Vetter, Heather Wagenbach, Ross Wagner, Ryan Walters, Emily Wamsley, M. Lee Woodfin, Stephen Yates, Anna Zachariah

Brought to you in part by the Lodging Advisory Committee Hotel/Motel Tax Fund.

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