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Upcoming Exhibit

Artist of the Year: Bob Fink

August 5 – September 11

Mezzanine Gallery

Opening Reception: August 5, 5-8 pm FREE and open to the public

Join us for this exhibit celebrating the talent of Bob Fink, our 2021 Artist of the Year.


Bob is an Everett-based photographer and filmmaker who has been living in New Zealand for the past 7 years with his wife, Patty Watson.

He has travelled the world since he was a child and has photographed on all seven continents.  Primarily a street and wildlife photographer specializing in the world’s native birds, Bob’s other focus is documenting people and cultures from around the world. 

Bob’s work has been exhibited in galleries in the US and New Zealand, and featured in international magazines and travel brochures.

Bob graduated from Stanford in 1970 and photographed for the Stanford Alumni Magazine before going to medical school.   After retiring from psychiatry in 2016, Bob participated in several photographic workshops around the world.

Bob received his Bachelor of Media Arts Degree in Filmmaking and Photography from Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) in New Zealand in 2020.  He is now pursuing his Masters at Wintec and working on a documentary film.

Gannet Portrait by Bob Fink, 2020