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Fiber Fusion
Past Exhibit

Fiber Fusion

March 9 – April 15

Last week, ends April 15

Featuring the Surface Design Association of Washington State

The intention of this exhibit is to showcase the depth and breadth of the surface designer's work in Washington State. The exhibition will contain original, innovative artwork which is technically of high quality and which results in a show of overall high impact. The concept of "Fiber Fusion" is totally up to the interpretation of the artist.

"Surface design refers to any process that gives structure, pattern, or color to fiber.  Fibers used could include handmade felt, paper, fabric, clothing or basket-making materials, among others.  To these surface designers dye, paint, print, stitch, bead, and otherwise enhance or embellish.  More than the methods, surface designers are interested in the unlimited options for experimenting with color, texture, and design" -

Participating SDA Members

Mary M Ashton, Liz Axford, Lanny Bergner, Judith Bird, Patti Bleifuss, Danielle Bodine, Arisa Brown, Bonnie Bucknam, Debra Calkins, Flora Carlile-Kovacs, Erika Carter, Maris Cavanagh, Maura Donegan, Crystal Edwards, Christina Fairley Erickson, Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Lois Gaylord, Fine Gelfand, Vicki Gerton, Gary Gillespie, GJ Gillespie, Zia Gipson, Faith Hagenhofer, Ginnie Hebert, Anne Jarnagin, Gay Jensen, Claire Jones, Cheryl Kamera, Karen Kaufmann, Kindy Kemp, Janet King, Janet King, Melisse Laing, Donna Lark-Weiner, Leslie Levenson, Margaret Liston, Nancy Loorem Adams, Gwen Lowery, Kathy Mack, Cameron Anne Mason, Barbara Matthews, Dorothy McGuinness, Jeannie McMacken, Carol Milne, Hazel Monte, Roberta Nelson, Barbara Nepom, Gabriela Nirino, Mary O'Shaughnessy, Barbara O'Steen, Francesca Penchant, Seiko Purdue, Barbara Ramsey, Ellen Ramsey, Helen Remick, Claire Renaut, Patricia Resseguie, Cicelia Ross-Gotta, Sharon Rowley, Laura Schmidt, Susanne Scott, Angelica Sta. Teresa, Carla Stehr, Therese Stein, Deborah Taylor, Virginia Turner, Mary Tyler, Larkin Jean Van Horn, Rebecca Wachtman, Leslie Waldo, Geraldine Warner, Judith Warren, Gale Whitney, Cathie Wier, Anke Wildman Joyce Wilkerson, M. Lee Woodfin, April Works

About Surface Design Association

The Surface Design Association is an organization of over 3,000 members world-wide who share an interest in working with textiles and non-woven materials to create functional and non-functional pieces of art. Many methods of pattering, restructuring, coloring are used by artist members.

In Washington State, there are seven regional groups and 200 members who meet regularly to discuss members' work and discuss process.

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