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Holiday Show 2017
Past Exhibit

Holiday Show 2017

November 16 – December 31

featuring Northwest Watercolor Society

The annual Holiday Show will feature works by Signature Members of the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS), as well as glass and ceramics by regional artists.

Opening reception: Thursday, November 16, 5-8pm

Sponsored Rubatino Refuse Removal, Inc.

NWWS Participating Signature Members:

Lee Allen, Sherri Bails, Roger Baker, Enda Bardell, Vera Beaumont, Ginger Brewer, Kay Cassill, Fran Clapper, Kathy Collins, Jack Dorsey, Toni Elkins, Alexandra Eyer, Joan Frey, Kristi Galindo Dyson, Winnie Givot, Susan Greenbaum, Judy Guttormsen, Deborah Haggman, Sandy Haight, Elizabeth Hamlin, Kathleen Haney, Pamela Harold, Bill Hook, Wanda Hughes, Noah Kinigstein, Seiko Konya, ZeZe Lai, Heidi Lambert, Sandy Langford, Anita Lehmann, Molly LeMaster, Che Lopez, James McFarlane, Holly Meeker Rom, Adrienne Moore, Molly Murrah, Joan Pinney, H.T. "Rusty" Platz III, Kris Preslan, Genny Rees, Ilse Reimnitz, Patricia Renner, Amanda Schuster, Dashuai Sun, Gerry Thompson, Li Turner, Carol Weiss, Roger Whitlock, Eric Wiegardt, and Janice Wurn

What are NWWS Signature Members?

To be a Signature member of the NWWS, an artist has to have been accepted into two Waterworks Exhibitions and one Annual International Open Exhibition, or two Annual International Open Exhibitions.

About the Northwest Watercolor Society

The Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) was founded in 1939 in Seattle, Washington when a group of eight artists came together to form an organization dedicated to the celebration of watercolor. With a goal to inspire both a lasting interest in the art of watercolor painting and an appreciation for watercolor as an artful, imaginative medium, the history of NWWS began. From these modest beginnings, NWWS has grown into the internationally recognized, historically rich organization of today with a membership nearing nine hundred Signature, Lifetime and Associate Members across the USA, Canada & internationally.

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Participating Glass, Ceramic, and 3D Artists:

Staci Adman, Reg Akright, Barbara Ansley, Irina Averkieva, Pat Brown, Tatyana Brown, Cassie Christianson, Polly Cook, Linda Covey-Campbell, Claire Cundiff, Alex Dopp, Isaac Fuerman, Laura Elmore, Jeanne Gardner, Roxanne Gessler, Makiko Ichiura, Jesse Kelly, Gina Kessler, Elvira Konysheva, Aaron LaChaussee, Dan & Joi LaChaussee, Robin Larson, Marina Lenikova, Ed McDonald, Sue Mautz, Merrilee Morre, Pamela Mummy, Carol Olsen, Matthew Patton, Olivier Peter-Contesse, Gerry Newcomb, Nancy Richards, Seth Rolland, Stephanie Roman-Olvera, Jean Shaffer, Ron Smith, Martha Soriano, Jeff Tinius, Maria Wickwire, Jill Whitmore, Barbara Wyatt, and Jeffrey Zigulis

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