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Past Exhibit

Home is Where the Art is

April 15 – June 15

The number one thing that we are hearing from our patrons and customers is that the arts are helping them cope during this uncertain time. Connecting virtually with others has been a saving grace for many of us, staff included. With this in mind, we created Home is Where the Art is, a daily film series featuring local artists in their home studios. 

From April 15-May 15, we are sharing one film a day from a local artist.The film will feature the artist in their home studio, their process, and creations. Viewers can get to know our artist community and learn more about the process behind creating their art. 

We hope these daily films can be small doses of inspiration during this time.

Our mission at the Schack Art Center is to celebrate and promote the arts for the enhancement of community life. We hope this series is a way for us to stay true to our mission during this time when we must stay home and stay safe.

We will keep the films up through June so you all can enjoy.

Thank you to all of the artists who participated!

May 15, 2020

Mariah Cavanagh of Pariah Glass

Mariah Cavanagh is a 27 year old lampworker who started working with glass seven years ago through an apprenticeship. After falling in love with the medium and immersing herself in its study, she then created her own company, Pariah Glass, about five years ago. 

Mariah works out of her home studio and also teaches lampworking classes at Schack Art Center.

You can check out more of Mariah's creations over on Instagram, see her Etsy store here, and follow her on Facebook here.

Thank you for having us, Mariah!


May 14, 2020

Susan McManamen

Susan McManamen was raised in Everett and currently lives just outside of Mill Creek, Washington where she paints in watercolor and oils. She attended Everett Community College and graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Illustration and Graphic Design. She has studied recently with Elizabeth Kincaid, Ned Mueller, Duane Keiser and Alexander Zimin.

In November 2012, Susan decided to take on the challenge of creating a painting a day for 365 days. The endeavor brought many personal and professional rewards. Today she is once again taking on the challenge of creating 365 paintings in 365 days. This time around she is vlogging about it on YouTube. Visit her channel to view her progress.

Susan is a participant in our Fresh Paint Festival where's she's been seen creating beautiful Port scenes while selling art from her booth.

Find out more about Susan at her website here and follow her on Instagram over here.

Thank you for this beautiful video, Susan!

May 13, 2020

Mark Wall

Mark is an encaustic painter based on the remote Island of Decatur here in Washington and in Yuma, Arizona nestled in the Sonoran Desert.

His inspiration comes from experiences and perspectives of time and place. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, traveling on a sailboat in the Salish Sea, along the Pacific coastlines, and now setting new roots in the desert of Yuma, Arizona grounded by the Gila Mountains, Colorado River, and intriguing farmlands. His work explores the simplicity and complexity of the surrounding environment in abstract paintings through color, texture, and pattern that evoke a grounded sense of time and place. He has been working with encaustic in recent years captivated by its textural, transparent and unpredictable qualities.

Mark attended Parson’s School of Design and Cornish College of the Arts that led to a profession of corporate visual design. After 20 years in this field, Mark is now focused on his own creative work.

You can find out more about Mark and his work over here on his website, find him on Facebook here, and follow him on Instagram right here

Thanks for having us, Mark!


May 12, 2020

Tuesday Sands

Tuesday Sands is a mixed media artist from the Pacific Northwest working in photography, salvaged wood, paint, encaustics, collage, metal, & more. She gravitates toward natural materials, backdrops, & expression. 

Tuesday has participated in many Schack events and fundraisers including having two fine art photography pieces on display during our most recent Schacktoberfest. 

You can find out more about her artwork right here on her website, follow her on Facebook here, and over on Instagram right here.

Thank you for having us, Tuesday.


May 11, 2020

Elizabeth Person

Elizabeth Person is an Everett based artist who specializes in unique map illustrations and informational art. Precise information, quirky detail, and Northwest themes dominate her ink and watercolor work. Elizabeth is a member of the Everett Cultural Arts Commission and a regular contributor to the Live In Everett blog where she shares her sketches of daily life in the area. She regularly participates in many of the art festivals and craft events across the Pacific Northwest. 

Elizabeth is a participant in our arts festivals here at Schack Art Center and even designed our 2018 Fresh Paint Festival artwork. 

You can find out more information about Elizabeth and her art at her website here, check out her wares at her Etsy shop right here, find her on Facebook, and follow her on Instagram right here.

Thank you so much for showing us around your new studio, Elizabeth!


May 10, 2020

Amy Duncan

A self-taught collage artist, Amy Duncan creates from that which is well-loved and tossed aside. Blending color, texture, pattern and tone, she specializes in composing a piece rich in layers and nuance, believing that the most ordinary of objects can tell a story; you just have to be listening. Amy runs her company, Studio Four Corners, from her Everett home studio.

Amy is a longtime Schack community member, she participates in our fundraisers, Artists Garage Sale and Fresh Paint Festival.

You can follow her over on Instagram here, find out more about her and her work on her website right here, and check out her Etsy shop here.

Thank you for sharing, Amy!

May 9, 2020

Nikki Gardner

Nikki Gardner has been painting in oils for twenty years and finds beauty and richness in everything she sets her brush to. She received her BFA from Western Washington University in 1995 with an emphasis in painting, and completed a graphic design program at the Art Institute of Seattle. Nikki seeks to capture the true beauty in her subjects, with favorites being the figure, still life and landscape.

She teaches painting and children’s art camps and classes at her Snohomish studio. She's a long time member of  our Schack community; showing in many gallery exhibits, donating to our fundraisers, and teaching art classes.

You can find Nikki's fine art Facebook page here and follow her on Instagram here. You can find her Art Spot Studio business on Facebook here and Instagram here. Be sure to check out her freebie page here of video tutorials and coloring pages and if you have kids, she's adding online summer camps soon, so check out the website for more info.

Thank you so much for the video, Nikki!


Studio Tour from Art Spot Studio on Vimeo.


May 8, 2020

Amanda Desiree Evelyn

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the moments that Amanda Desiree Evelyn felt most inspired and at peace were the ones when she was surrounded by nature. This, along with an oil painting class at Edmonds Community College, brought her to her art practice.

Being primarily self-taught, she has developed her personal painting style by experimenting with a range of mediums to represent the symbolism of flowers. In her work, she hopes to bring an optimistic and playful perspective on life. 

Amanda participated in our Holiday by the Bay Sale at Port of Everett this past holiday season and recently had a solo show at Choux Choux Bakery.

You can find out more about her and her artwork at her website here, follow her on Instagram here, and shop her online shop right here.

Thanks for taking the time to show us around your studio, Amanda!

May 7, 2020

The Porters

Christa and Richard Porter are the husband and wife team behind The Porters, an original acoustic folk duo that dips into country and jazz. The couple writes and produces music right here in North Everett. 

Richard also runs Porter Wordsmith, an editing and writing business, through which he has published four of his own books. He received the 2020 Author and Storyteller Mayor's Art Award in February. 

The Porters have played at several Schack events including our Fresh Paint Festival and our most recent Holiday Round concert produced by EMI. Christa has also worked for the Schack as an Event Staffer. 

You can find their music here, their Facebook page here, follow them on Instagram here, and check out Richard's writing over here

Thanks for having us, Porters!

May 6, 2020

Annie McCrea

Annie McCrea is mixed media painter living in Lake Stevens, WA. Self-taught, Annie’s style is abstract, intuitive, with bright bold colors.  Each piece has a base-later of Asemic writing where she writes freely and illegibly to create textural tones under first layers of paint.  This process has proven to be a therapeutic exercise, allowing her to release emotions, thoughts, and even favorite song lyrics. This release then usually sets the tone for the painting to come. Layers upon layers are added to Annie’s paintings often culminating with some a final layer of Sgraffito (scratching) to let underlayers show through.  

Annie’s history with Schack Art Center began as a class student, gallery & shop patron, then she began donating art pieces to Pints & Pumpkins and the annual H’Arts Auction.  When asked to Volunteer for the Schack in early 2020, Annie knew she had found a way to give back to the place and people who had contributed so much to her healing from illness years ago. She currently serves as a Board Member. 

Follow her on Instagram or find out more over on her website here. 

When not creating, Annie is an RN at a middle school and we would like to thank her for her service as today is National Nurse's Day. Thank you, Annie!

May 5, 2020

Kathy Lynott

Kathy Lynott is a mixed media artist living in Everett, WA. After moving into the Artspace Everett Lofts, she quickly connected with the local art community and started teaching classes at the Schack Art Center.

If you take one of Kathy's classes at the Schack, you can learn how to sew one-of-a-kind stuffed monsters, how to paint a ceramic tile with alcohol ink, or even how to incorporate self care into your routine as an artist.

Art is human expression and when Kathy makes her stuffed creatures or paints with mixed media, she’s chasing that blissful experience that comes from having a conversation with yourself and art materials.

Showing her work at various Everett Art Walk events and the Seattle Convention Center, her paintings express emotions through texture and form. Her work celebrates the beauty and joy in the process of art-making so that the product is a symptom of the creative process, of connecting with yourself.

You can find Kathy over on Facebook here or connect with her on Instagram over here

In her video, she shares the process behind creating her beautiful tiles. Thank you for sharing, Kathy!

May 4, 2020

Janie Olsen

Janie Olsen, born and raised in Western Washington, currently has her home & studio in Monroe Washington. Janie's been an artist all of her life and graduated from The Burnley School of Professional Art where she studied design and illustration.

After working as a graphic designer during the day for many years, she now paints full time with some freelance illustration projects as well.

Janie has work in many private collections and galleries. She's been in numerous Schack exhibits and was even named Artist of the Year in 2019. You can see more of her work over on her website here, follow her on Facebook here, and follow her on Instagram right here

Thank you for sharing, Janie!


April 28, 2020

Steve Jensen

Steve Jensen has been a working artist for over 30 years. He comes from a long tradition of Norwegian fisherman and boat builders, growing up on his father’s fishing boat. He works in many mediums, oil on recycled wood, carved naturally fallen cedar, large sculptures in bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel, and small cast sculptures in resin with recycled materials. 

In the wake of losing several family members and close friends in a compacted period of time, he sought a way to process his grief and did so through his art. For Steve, the boat embodies the concept of passage from place to place, from life to death. The boat has become a hallmark of his artistry and a symbol of his personal voyage and path to healing. 

Steve and his partner, Vincent, are long time supporters of Schack Art Center. They donate beautiful art for our fundraisers and have even opened up their home studio for special fundraising tours. In 2018, Steve exhibited his Voyager series in our Main Gallery and has participated in many other group shows including our Currents 2020 exhibition.

You can visit Steve's website here and follow him on Instagram over here

Thank you for the tour, Steve! We appreciate you!


April 27, 2020

Jackie Cort

Jackie Cort has been a painter and maker of all things creative as long as she can remember. She works primarily in encaustic, the art of painting with molten beeswax and a blowtorch. She enjoys the flow of such a natural medium combined with bold and vivid pigments and spontaneous subject matter.

In addition to teaching at Schack Art Center, Jackie's art has been featured in many of our exhibits and she also created the image for our 2017 Fresh Paint poster.

You can find Jackie on her Facebook page here and over on Instagram here. Check out her portfolio here.

Thank you for sharing your studio with us, Jackie!


April 26, 2020

Joel and Lori Soderberg

The creative duo of Lori and Joel Soderberg make up JLS Glass Studio. This collaborative husband and wife team specialize in creating unique, fused and kiln-formed glass artwork in their studio in Edmonds, WA.  Their work is influenced by the scenic Puget Sound as well as the landscapes and vistas they have experienced while traveling extensively across the globe.

Lori and Joel are valuable Schack volunteers, sell their pieces in our Gallery Store, and have been featured in many Schack exhibits and events.

Upon our closure, the couple donated 10 of their tapestry platters to Schack Art Center. With their permission, we are selling them at a discounted price. 100% of the sales will go towards our programming and facility costs! You can find those platters at our new online shop right here.

Lori and Joel were recently featured on My Edmonds News in a series on Edmonds artists and how they are coping, etc during this COVID time. You can check out that article here

Visit the JLS Glass Studio website here and follow them on Instagram over here

Thank you for all that you do, Joel and Lori!


April 25, 2020

Kippi Leonard

Kippi Leonard's love of color and her career in the field of interior design inform her work, giving her unique perspective on the relationship between where we live and what we surround ourselves with. She experiments with many media, and has been creating art professionally for five years. 

While she recently relocated to Palm Dessert, Kippi formerly participated in many Schack events and taught art workshops in Everett. She continues to generously donate pieces to our fundraisers and sell online to Washington customers and patrons around the world. 

Kippi has a website here and is active on Instagram where she recently led a free art workshop on Instagram Live. 

Thanks for sharing with us, Kippi!


April 24, 2020

Wolff Bowden// The Painted Poet

Wolff grew up in a house on stilts in a Florida swamp and learned to paint before he learned to walk. He painted forest beings called Winterlings.

He moved to Sarasota, earned a B.A. in Natural Science from New College, and created mixed-media paintings using pigments and acrylic.

ARTEXPO MIAMI named Wolff Artist of the Millennium and placed his art on billboards across Florida. He sold his first painting to a baseball legend, bought a cargo van and roamed the country selling art.

Wolff's collectors include Author Frank McCourt, Poet Laureate Billy Collins and corporate executives. He has sold almost a thousand pieces through shows and galleries.

Wolff has published two books of poetry and co-founded the Americana band, The Winterlings. Last year, they played at the Lincoln Memorial for the Restore Civility Peace March.

Wolff has participated in numerous Schack festivals and events both as a visual artist and as a musician. 

Find our more at &

Thank you for having us in your studio, Wolff!


April 23, 2020

Rosemary and Josh Jones

We have a special treat for you today, a double feature studio tour!

Today's studio visit is with Josh and Rosemary Jones. These Everett based artists work out of their home studio and talk about the unique balance of creating art in a family home. 

Josh is a talented photographer who captures city scenes, breathtaking moon rises, and urban wildlife with his lens. He also enjoys printmaking and watercolor painting. Rosemary is an illustrator who has produced several local projects including the recent One Everett project and a gorgeous piano for Street Tunes. She also sold her line of prints and paper goods at last year's Fresh Paint Festival and the couple participated in our Small Business Saturday Pop-up at the Schack. Both Rosemary and Josh have served as judges for our Regional Scholastic Art Awards.

You can find Rosemary's website here, her etsy shop here (how great are her coloring cards?) and Instagram here. Find Josh's website here and his Instagram right here

Thank you for inviting us to your home studio, Rosemary and Josh!


April 22, 2020

Jody Cain

Jody Cain is a multimedia artist who is currently exploring ceramics as well. Jody’s kids describe her as a funky, creative, art nerd. She spends any and all free time on art; making, thinking, experimenting, and just plain having fun. For a day job, she teaches art - encouraging Middle School kids to think out of the box. Her personal art combines salvage, junk, personal memorabilia, and trial and error. 

Jody's participated in many gallery exhibits at Schack Art Center, volunteered for our education programs, created poster art, donated artwork for our H'Arts Auction...her contributions are far too many to list! We thank her for her support. 

Visit Jody over on Instagram here.

Thank you for the tour, Jody!


April 21, 2020

Kristen Keenan of Vertical Gardens Northwest

Kristen Keenan creates beautiful ceramic and metal planters in her Snohomish County studio. Her business is also a licensed nursery and, during non-covid times, hosts planting parties in her studio. In addition to being an artist and maker in her own right, Kristen is a longtime local arts advocate. She is the founder and curator of Everett Makers Market, serves as a Cultural Arts Commissioner for the City of Everett, and is a past winner of the Mayor's Arts Award.

During the 2019 Holiday season, Kristen participated in Small Business Saturday Artisan Pop-Up at Schack Art Center as well as our Holiday by the Bay Sale. 

Visit Vertical Gardens Northwest online here, check out the online shop here, find their Facebook page here, and follow them on Instagram here.

Thanks for showing us around, Kristen!


April 20, 2020

Amanda Adams

Amanda Adams is a self-taught painter working primarily in oil on canvas and wood. Her work distills feelings of space, emptiness, and fullness into large, lively, and sometimes crude physical form. She is influenced by the southern Californian deserts of her childhood, and, having lived in Quebec in her early adult years, the boundless and ever-changing Canadian landscape. Amanda began publicly showing her work in 2016, and since then has participated in several exhibitions.

Amanda's participated in several group shows here at Schack Art Center, had her work featured in our Live Auction during H'Arts, and also sold during our Artists' Garage Sale.

Visit Amanda's website here, find her Facebook page here and follow her on Instagram here.

Thank you for the tour, Amanda!


April 19, 2020

Mike Biskup

Mike Biskup is a contemporary artist living in The Pacific Northwest who creates imaginary landscapes and abstractions with watercolor and India ink.

Mike wrote this about his process, "when I start a painting, I turn on some music, sit down with a blank sheet of paper and choose whether to begin with black ink, watercolor paint, or masking tape.  I rely on improvisation and a stream of consciousness approach to let my life's experiences bubble up and flow out as shapes and lines, colors and textures. Anything I've seen or experienced through the years may come forward.  I let myself flow and I am most happy when the work seems to create itself. Whatever takes shape is OK with me. I relish surprises.  After each layer of paint, ink or masking tape, I stand back. I watch. I wait. Sometimes I wait days, weeks, or even years to add another layer. This process of painting and contemplation is always happening in my studio with many different pieces in many stages of completion."

Mike particpated in last year's Fresh Paint Festival where his booth won "Best of Show". 

Visit Mike's website here, find his shop here, and follow his Instagram here.

Thank you for beautiful film, Mike!


Territorial Exposure Mechanism from Mike Biskup on Vimeo.


April 18, 2020

Cat Snapp

Cat lives and works here in Everett, where she creates in her studio with an antique letterpress, an etching press and a versatile work table her husband, Mike, built for her as a Christmas present when she was just starting out.

Cat is an instructor at Schack Art Center and sells her line of paper goods in our Gallery Store. You can read more about Cat and her business in this recent article from The Herald.

During this time, Cat is offering free shipping on all online orders in her shop and free porch delivery to 98201/98203 zip codes. She also created free printable social distancing greeting cards which you can download here.

Visit Cat's website here, find her Facebook page here, and follow her Instagram here.

Thank you for the visit, Cat!


Studio Tour - Cat Snapp Studio from Cat Snapp on Vimeo.


April 17, 2020

Samantha Slater

Samantha Slater is a prolific jewelry maker and one of our instructors at Schack Art Center. She also sells her wares in our Gallery Store. Sam's enthusiasm for her craft is one of the qualities we admire most about her, and we are so excited to share this visit with her.

Sam wrote this about her work, "each piece of my jewelry is designed and handcrafted using sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, and brass. It features clean, minimalist geometric lines in which I combines metal with playful hammered textures and hand-painted finishes. The most prominent motif in my collection is a circle with a line running through it—to me, the circle symbolizes movement, balance, and the cycle of life, while the line symbolizes the divide between our conscious and unconscious minds.

I draw inspiration from architecture and mid-century modern design, literature, and music. I am is highly influenced by my background in art, dance, and choreography, as well as my childhood growing up in South Africa. I use ethically sourced materials and recycled packaging, and strives to produce meticulously crafted and affordable jewelry in a zero-waste studio.

I am exceptionally proud that my hands touch every piece of jewelry that leaves my studio. My intention is to create pieces that make the wearer feel unique and beautiful and which have the craftsmanship to last a lifetime."

You can visit her website here, find her on Facebook here, and visit her gorgeous Instagram over here. 

Thank you so much for showing us around, Sam!


"Home is where the Art is" Schack Art Center Artist Feature from Samantha Slater Studio on Vimeo.


April 16, 2020

Charissa Brock

Charissa works and teaches out of her studio in the Pacific Northwest and has been making artwork with natural materials since 1994. She discovered bamboo as an art material in 1999 while earning her MFA at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA.

Charissa is a member of the NWDC (Northwest Designer Craftsmen) and has participated in Gallery Exhibits at Schack Art Center. She currently has work in our Currents 2020 exhibit. 

You can visit Charissa's website here, you can view and purchase artwork here at her artful home site,  and find her etsy shop here.

Thank you for the tour, Charissa!


April 15, 2020

Melana Bontrager

Melana works with a combination of acrylic medium and graphite or India ink, creating landscapes that explore human responses to everyday life situations. Melana has a BFA from Taylor University and has studied painting/drawing at Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy and at Hofstra University in New York. Additionally, Melana has a master's degree in art therapy, and is currently represented by J. Rinehart Gallery in Seattle.

Melana has participated in our Gallery Exhibits, sold in our Gallery Store, been a vendor at our festivals, and is a long time donor to our H'Arts Auction. We are excited to open this series with a tour from her.

You can visit Melana's website here and find her over on Instagram here.

Thanks for sharing, Melana!

Thanks for joining us. Be sure to come back daily for more studio tours!

Here's our current schedule:

April 15, Melana Bontrager

April 16, Charissa Brock 

April 17, Sam Slater

April 18, Cat Snapp

April 19, Mike Biskup

April 20, Amanda Adams

April 21, Kristen Keenan of Vertical Gardens Northwest

April 22, Jody Cain

April 23, Rosemary and Josh Jones

April 24, Wolff Bowden

April 25, Kippi Leonard

April 26, Joel and Lori Soderberg

April 27, Jackie Cort

April 28, Steve Jensen

April 29-May 3, pause tours for other Schack projects

May 4-Janie Olsen

May 5-Kathy Lynott

May 6-Annie McCrea

May 7-The Porters

May 8-Amanda Desiree Evelyn 

May 9-Nikki Gardner

May 10-Amy Duncan

May 11-Elizabeth Person

May 12-Tuesday Sands

May 13-Mark Wall

May 14-Susan McManamen

May 15-Mariah Cavanagh of Pariah Glass

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