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Past Exhibit


November 19 – January 2

From November 19th-January 2nd, Schack Art Center will be transformed into one large Gallery Store. Discover goodies and delights from over 200 local artists! All of this is set among a backdrop of beautiful quilts from the Contemporary QuiltArt Association.

Shop small, shop local, and support artists by shopping at Schack Art Center for the holidays. Save 10% on all purchases every Thursday in December. Patron Members save 20% on those discount days.

Our facility is open at 20% capacity for your holiday shopping. See here for hours and safety protocol

View a virtual preview of the "Little Quilts" from this exhibit, right here for Part One and here for Part Two. Virtual preview of the BIG quilts here

From the Contemporary QuiltArt Association:

Contemporary QuiltArt Association (CQA) of Washington takes this opportunity to work Big! With Schack Art Center’s ample wall space + some BIG creative Ideas + our Little 12”x12” Affordable Art quilts, we’ve curated an engaging display for Schack’s Holiday Exhibit 2020. Enjoy the larger works created by CQA artists, but don’t stop there. Each artist was asked to create a BIG work for display and a 12” x 12” small piece. (Hint: they’re SO collectible!) Find that special handmade holiday gift for someone else or yourself—and give your local Arts Non-Profits some love!

About the Contemporary QuiltArt Association

Founded in 1986, Contemporary QuiltArt Association (CQA) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization comprising more than 100 artists in Washington state who are bound by their relationship to fiber art.

CQA's goals are to:

* educate the public and promote interest in the contemporary art quilt

* encourage both public and private collecting of the contemporary art quilt, and

* encourage and support contemporary quilt artists

As a group, CQA members are diverse in their design styles, choices of media and working techniques. The artists are not restricted by traditional definitions of quilting, but instead express thoughts and feelings through the medium of quilting. Materials used often go far beyond the traditional idea of cloth, and the resulting art pieces can range from postcard size to works that fill a wall—or even be three-dimensional. The only constant is that CQA members continue to expand the definition of the art quilt, especially as new materials and techniques are developed. 


Participating CQA artists are:

Ruth Beckett, Bonny Brewer, Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Carolyn Maia Burton, Nancy Cordry, Janet Darcher, Donna DeSchazo, Linda Devereaux, Donna Lee Dowdney, Julie Drake, Lorraine Edmond, Barbara J. Fox, Fran Fuller, Cynthia Gaub, Sonia Grasvik, Louise Harris, Ginnie Hebert, Carolyn Higgins, Donna Hudson, Lynne Ingalls, Lisa Jenni, Barbara Kanaya, Melisse Laing, Margaret Liston, Kathy MacDonald, Nicole McHale, Dorothy Mosley, Barbara Nepom, Barbara O'Steen Stephanie Ostmann, Linda Riesterer, Loraine Sample, Susan Smith, Carla Stehr, Jerri Stroud, Suzanne Uschold, Tesi Vaara, Marissa Vignali, Ruth Vincent, Geraldine Warner, Colleen Wise, Marie Wolfe, Colleen Wootton

Participating 3-D artists are:
Staci Adman, David Augenstein, Ursula Burnham, Maura Bennett, Lynn Benedict, Elena Boucheva, Danielle Bodine, Cheryl Black, Julie Bensch, Nick Clawson, Manuel Castro, Carie Collver, Oliver Doriss, Shannon Leah Danks, Terry Frederick, Charles Friedman, Isaac Feuerman, Michaellyn Garcia, Bob Gottwald, Persis Gayle, Kristi Gibbs, Jeanne Gardner, Janet Hamilton, Gina Hanzsek, Gina Holt, Steve Jensen, Stephanie Sherman, Trace Johnson, Joan Johnson, Cindy Jenkins, Leah Kaczanowicz, Rick Klauber, Hillary Klauber, Sharon Kita, Dan and Joi LaChaussee, Richard Langley, Katy Lareau, Vicki Lash, Irene Lawson, Michelle Lierre, Liz Geiger Lund, Louise Magno, Emily Mallory, Adriana Mannion, Barry McCalister, Ed McDonald, Frances McLean,  Merrilee Moore, Joan Mueller, Tina Murphy, Maren Oates, Mike O'Day, Jamie K. Olsen, Barbara Osborne, Paula Ottenbreit, April Ottey, Polly Purvis, Eric Pedersen, Martha Pfanschmidt, K. Malia Peoples, Joan Pinney, Julie Prather,  Edlee Quesnell, Nancy L. Richards, Cathleen Rodgers, Jean Shaffer, Chris Schuelke, Cathy Stanfield, Amy Slater, Alan Smith, Joel and Lori Soderberg, Heather Sutherland, Chris Steffens, Jennifer Stensland, Yuko Tanaka, Jeff Tinius, Sarah Tucker, Katie Walton, Roberta Wyde, Heather Wilson, Jessica Wilkinson, Geraldine Warner, Josey Wise, JiSun Yang, Vicky Zomenou


Sponsored by Rubatino Refuse

This exhibit sponsored by Rubatino Refuse Removal Inc.

Banner Image Credit: Colleen Wootton

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