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Looking Back: Honoring 25 Years of Artist of the Year
Past Exhibit

Looking Back: Honoring 25 Years of Artist of the Year

January 11 – February 24

Main Gallery

Cheri O'Brien

Opening reception: Thursday, January 18, 5-8pm

Beginning in 1992 the Schack Art Center began the tradition of honoring an Artist of the Year. This celebration of excellence has helped introduce the community to important artists, raised our awareness of achievement in the visual arts, and invited us to applaud the "heroes" whose passion and creativity drive them to move, entertain, teach and inspire us.

To celebrate all our past Artists of the Year, 1992-2017, we're kicking off 2018 with an exhibit of their work. This show is a wonderful opportunity to honor these outstanding artists and our own history as an organization.

James Madison

Click here to view our Facebook album with a piece from each artist in the show.

Schack Artists of the Year (in order from the most recent year):

  • 2017, Gale Johansen, Painting & Mixed Media
  • 2016, Chuck Close, Painting & Printmaking
  • 2015, James Arrabito, Photography & Verena Schwippert, Stone Sculpture
  • 2014, Joan Pinney, Watercolor Painting
  • 2013, James Madison, Wood Carving and Metal Sculpture
  • 2012, Kevin Pettelle, Bronze Sculpture
  • 2011, Paul Vexler, Wood Sculpture
  • 2010, Jules Anslow, Wood Cutout Painting and Mixed Media
  • 2009, Merrilee Moore, Glass Art and Metal Sculpture
  • 2008, Reg Akright, Stone Sculpture
  • 2007, Joi & Dan LaChaussee, Glass Art
  • 2006, Stan Price, Glass Art
  • 2005, Terri Shinn, Fiber Art and Mixed Media
  • 2004, Bernie Webber (1923 - 2006), Watercolor Painting
  • 2003, Dona Anderson, Basketry and Mixed Media
  • 2002, Kathryn Glowen, Assemblage and Mixed Media
  • 2001, Janet Hamilton, Pastel Painting
  • 2000, Robert Mitchell, Glass Art
  • 1999, Karla Matzke, Pastels
  • 1998, Cheri O'Brien, Painting and Mixed Media
  • 1997, Lisa Spreacker, Assemblage and Mixed Media
  • 1996, Jack Gunter, Egg Tempera and Mixed Media
  • 1995, Genevieve Tuck (1908-2008), Oil Painting
  • 1994, James L. Davis, (1934-2015), Pen and Ink
  • 1993, Byron Bratt, Mezzotint Printmaking
  • 1992, Susan Jane Russell (1945-2017), Calligraphy, Watercolors, Gouache and Mixed Media

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