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R. Allen Jensen & Timothy C. Ely:
Past Exhibit

R. Allen Jensen & Timothy C. Ely:

January 11 – February 8

Drawings & Digressions

Known as a photographer, author, and bookmaker, artist R. Allen Jensen is wide-ranging in terms of studio disciplines, content, and materials.

When observing his artwork, Jensen might seem like a man obsessed with death. But as much as his pieces seem to be about death or mortality, it turns out they are just as much about life, his life and ultimately, all our lives. And, while his work is of a personal nature, it is also culturally connected, timely, and politically charged.

Jensen, now a Professor Emeritus at Western Washington University (WWU), met his co-exhibitor, Timothy C. Ely when Ely became his student in the art department at WWU.

Timothy C. Ely began making books when he was a child, mixing drawing, painting, and words in his journals and comic books. Later, during his undergraduate studies at WWU his philosophy of art, expression, and books began to unite. Following graduate school at the University of Washington, Ely undertook a self-directed study of bookbinding and started fabricating the work he is known for today, which combines his unique take on English style binding techniques with his visionary drawings.

Over the last forty years, Ely's books and other works have sprung from a central core of concepts, owing to a fascination with obscure or seemingly incomprehensible forms inspired by science and other projects from the history of the human imagination.

Artist Lecture: The Extra-Terrestrial Book

Join Timothy C. Ely for a lecture on his bookmaking techniques and process on January 19 from 7-8pm in Schack Studio 1. The lecture is free and RSVP is not required.

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