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Schack CARES: participants

In late 2020, Schack Art Center hired 30 Snohomish County based artists, educators, and art admin professionals who were economically impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. This team consists of painters, graphic artists, glassblowers, illustrators, silversmiths, educators and other creative folks. These individuals worked on a part or full time basis- creating art and completing projects for Schack Art Center until December 30, 2020.

Participating Artists and Educators:

Greg Alburn

(MA Educational Leadership, BA Ed.) is a secondary educator. For 17 years he has worked with students in alternative learning environments. During his time in the Schack CARES program, Alburn helped create and revise lesson plans for our Art Outreach Suitcase program

Mary Atkinson

Mari Atkinson is an educator that has been part of the Schack Education Committee for the past 12 years.

Atkinson said this about her time in the Schack CARES program, "working more closely with the Schack K12 Programs...has been an incredible experience.  Although I enjoy creating my own artwork, I regard the art of education first and foremost, working with students as my main medium." 

Bonnie AuBouchon

Art and nature have guided Silversmith, Bonnie AuBouchon, through her life. The forms from nature influence her designs, especially the spiral form. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metal Design from the University of Washington.

"Participating in this program has been a great opportunity during the pandemic," says AuBouchon. "After March, my income was cut in half and I had little desire to create. Having the freedom from worry, I could create with abandon."

Adam Bagley

Adam Bagley is an audio engineer who primarily worked providing lighting and sound for concerts and other events. Since the start of the COVID lockdown, he has focused his creativity on merging mediums to  create improvised audio/visual artwork.

“Working on this program with the Schack has been a saving grace during 2020,” says Bagley. “Being an audio engineer and projectionist primarily has made navigating this lockdown exceptionally hard and the Schack was able to provide an opportunity to not only keep me working but put me into a new environment I wouldn't usually find myself. Normally I am the engineer, not the artist, but this has given me a chance to be both!”

Melana Bontrager

Melana Bontrager works primarily in ink, graphite, acrylic paint and medium to create abstracted landscapes that explore the experience of being human. Melana teaches High School art in Bothell, WA, and currently shows her work with J. Rinehart Gallery in Seattle, WA, and Walker Fine Art in Denver, CO. 

"This employment with Schack CARES has felt like such a win-win: financial assistance for my practice, and the guarantee that my work will help support the amazing programs offered by the Schack Art Center," says Bontrager. "Through participation in this program, I have rediscovered the rhythm of studio work, and feel connected to the arts in Snohomish County in ways that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible in these unprecedented times."

Barbara Goodfellow Childs

Barbara Goodfellow Childs, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, works in stoneware ceramics. Childs is a part-time potter, part-time Community Arts Program Coordinator for the Edmonds School District, volunteer with the Edmonds Arts Festival, Edmonds Art Studio Tour, and Girl Scouts of Western WA, but her highest priority is her family.

“The CARES grant project is a blessing financially, but most of all, emotionally,” says Childs. Childs spends much of her time planning and doing for others but the grant gave her permission to make whatever she wanted, with no specific expectations. She decided to make some of her favorite forms- those that are used to bring people together. What started out as individual serving pieces quickly grew to include an entire set of dishes. Her hopes are that whoever homes the set will use them to welcome their family and friends back together. May Grandma’s favorite recipe be baked in a pan, Dad’s barbecued meats be carved on a platter, and their favorite beverage be sipped from a mug – all while leaning against the counter in the kitchen or sitting at the dining table discussing the day’s events, and may they solve the world’s problems – together, again.

Jackie Cort

Jackie Cort is a  mixed media artist with a primary focus on encaustic exploration and intuitive painting. Based in Snohomish, she also teaches many different workshops at Schack Art Center, and can’t wait to start again soon! 

"I’m extremely grateful for this creative opportunity presented by the Schack," says Cort. "Creating freely in times of difficulty and reflection is exactly what my hope is for everyone, the ARTS are our heart songs, sing them loudly... "

Shannon Danks

Shannon Danks has been a creative spirit all of her life. Mostly self-taught, she’s experimented with as many different mediums as possible.

Shannon said this about the program, “the opportunity to work at the Schack is truly a dream come work with such an extraordinary group of people. People who are supportive, encouraging, inspiring, hardworking, dedicated striving to be their best. My spirit will be forever grateful for this time at the Schack.”

Nikki Gardner

Nikki Gardner, has been creating for as long as she can remember. She studied fine art in college with a concentration in painting, as well as graphic design. She works in many mediums and teaches drawing, watercolor, pastel, and acrylic, but oil painting has her heart and is the main medium she uses in her personal work.

Gardner said this about the Schack CARES program, “being part of Schack's Resident Artist program has been both an honor, and a welcome financial relief for my family. My husband and I are both artists and small business owners. While he was able to open his tattoo shop back up after a 3-month closure, my art school has remained closed throughout this entire pandemic. I am incredibly grateful and humbled to be one of the participating artists, and to be in such talented and inspiring company.”

Susie Howell

Susie Howell is photographer as well as a fiber and sewing artist, using eco-friendly and upcycled materials.
When the pandemic arrived, all of my work as a commercial and private photographer cancelled, " says Howell. "I am grateful for this opportunity to work both as a photographer and also to learn and practice the art of botanical fabric dyeing."

Rosemary Jones

Rosemary Jones is an illustrator who works primarily in the digital form, using an iPad and the app Procreate, but I have a background in ink, watercolor, and acrylic.

“I've loved this season of working for the Schack because it's given me an opportunity to use my skills on a daily basis and work with other adults after months of focusing on helping my daughter adjust to online schooling,” says Jones.

Barry McAlister

"In the thirty years that I have been creating in clay I have always had a fascination with shape and form, line and movement as well as an acute awareness of how positive and negative space contribute to the total composition. So many of my designs seem to be influenced by my background in dance and by my childhood influences of midcentury modern design. Because of years of creating unique pieces for avant-garde floral designers my pieces are usually functional as well as sculptural.

I am profoundly grateful for the grant provided through the Schack Art Center. In the midst of this pandemic all of the shows I participated in closed, many galleries closed and I was suddenly left totally out of work. The belief and support of the arts by the Schack Art Center in partnership with The Workforce Snohomish Grant has been a life-giving boost to me and many artists in Snohomish county."

Maren Oates

Maren Oates is a self-taught mixed media artist whose work experiments with printmaking, collage, and sewing.

“This has been a strange and challenging year for me, my family, and pretty much everyone I know," says Oates. "After a few months of pandemic life, I realized how important creating art was to my mental health, so I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to create new work through the Schack CARES program this past month.”

Janie Olsen

Janie Olsen paints in Magic Realism style with acrylics on hardboard panels. Her entire life has been spent painting, some years more than others. She attended art school after high school and worked in the Graphic Design field for many years and is now painting full time.

Janie said this about the program, "(I am) feeling so lucky to be doing what I love and getting paid as well! Something I have worked towards my whole life…took me a while to get there. But after this crazy year with a lot of changes in family life this is such a great opportunity, can truly say I feel happy."

Elizabeth Person

Elizabeth Person is an illustrator based in Everett, Washington. Using pen and watercolor, she sketches from life and creates "illustrative infographics" featuring Northwest themes and geography.

It's an honor to be a Schack Resident Artist during this trying year of 2020," says Person. "I'm grateful to have the trust and support of the Schack as I create new work for a new year."

Sue Robertson

Sue Robertson has been painting for about 25 years now and showing her work in various venues in the Seattle/Everett area. She is an intuitive or process painter and her medium is primarily acrylic.  Her paintings are consistently colorful, loose and textured.

Brian Sanchez

Brian Sanchez is a Visual Artist whose work explores abstraction and relationships between line, shape, form, and color by means of painting, sculpture, photography and installation. Brian's work has been exhibited in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Virginia, and Tokyo.

As a participant in the Schack CARES Act Program I was grateful for what it felt like to be supported as a working artist during a time of uncertain futures,” says Sanchez. “Making work with this in mind helped establish a natural rhythm in palette selection and finding that balance between color, line, shape, and depth that allows these paintings to function. This opportunity sincerely provided the privilege and freedom to further explore making art in the wake of the year 2020. Thank you.” 

Jerry B. Steffen Jr.

Jerry is an artist working with acrylics, watercolors, and 3D paper cutting. He is a deaf artist, with his first language being ASL. He said being brought on to Schack's CARES program  was a welcome surprise  after having lost his job in the aerospace industry and not having the ability  to paint for several  years. "I wish I could have a warehouse so that I can paint a thousand paintings."

Jeanette Trudeau

Alexander Vincini

My name is Alexander Vincini, I am a multifaceted creative currently working in oil pastel and acrylic paints. I have been working out of my studio at The Rock Artist Studios with my Wife and studio partner Amber Jean Vincini in Everett Washington. 

The residency with Schack Art Center as part of the CARES act couldn't have come at a better time. This past year has been tough and I am incredibly thankful to have this opportunity to work from my art studio on a new body of work. I aim to inspire others as well as provide design assets for Schack Art Center during this residency. 

Amber Vincini

My name Amber Vincini, I’ve made art of all kinds throughout my life but generally stick to acrylic paint on canvas most of the time, although the majority of my art is definitely mixed media. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I really started taking my art seriously and a little over a year ago I started working out of The Rockafella Artist Studios with my husband.

To be employed by The Schack has been a huge blessing, not only financially but emotionally as well. The pandemic has taken so much energy and motivation out of all of us and it was honestly hard to see any sort of future as an artist. This opportunity has renewed my sense of worth as an artist in the community and helped me to push forward with a much brighter outlook.

Jessica Wilkinson

I have been dabbling in art and creative endeavors since I can remember. My interests and experiences include everything from creative writing to painting to refurbishing furniture. For the last 20 years I have been mainly focusing on ceramics. I love taking a lump of clay and transforming it into anything I can dream up. Always drawn to the whimsical, I started dreaming up monsters about 10 years ago and I'm still going today. The most rewarding thing for me though, is using my love of the arts and my creativity to inspire the next generation. It brings me such joy to see them create and have fun with clay. I can't tell you how many times I've been inspired by and learned from them. 

I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a part of the artist in residence program with Schack. It has allowed me to keep working, creating, and reaching my goals.

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