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Story Tellers; Two Friends, Two Cultures
Upcoming Exhibit

Story Tellers; Two Friends, Two Cultures

April 25 – June 13

Main Gallery

Featuring David Boxley and Chris Hopkins



Opening Reception: April 25, 1-4pm

This exhibit brings together two good friends, David Boxley and Chris Hopkins, from very different backgrounds and cultures, but who speak with one voice using the common language of art to communicate a story that is uniquely American.

David Boxley, First Nations Tsimshian and native to Metlakatla, Alaska, is considered the finest Tsimshian artist of his generation and an internationally recognized Northwest Coast Native artist. His life has been one of exploring, learning, and passionately sharing his rich culture.  His story is of a proud people and culture that nearly vanished save for the efforts of a few. He and his son, artist and linguist, David Robert Boxley, are both leaders in this cultural renaissance. 

Chris Hopkins is a narrative painter who, like Boxley, honed his craft through years of experience. Chris developed his skills starting in 1979 as a high profile illustrator in Hollywood for film, entertainment sports, publishing and the corporate world including theme art for three Super Bowls and marquee art for the film, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Chris’ work evolved over time to a study of America's cultural condition both past and present. His paintings hung in the White House during three administrations; and his work as a civilian Air Force painter is featured in the Pentagon permanent collection. In 2003, the Museum of Flight premiered Red Tails, Silver Wings, his paintings and drawings of the Tuskegee Airmen.

For this exhibition, David and Chris will use their unique talents and skills and come together to relay the story of the Northwest Coast peoples, specifically the Tsimshian people.

Exhibit sponsored in part thanks to a grant from the City of Everett 2020 Cultural Arts Commission. 

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