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Story Tellers; Two Friends, Two Cultures
Upcoming Exhibit

Story Tellers; Two Friends, Two Cultures

March 24 – June 4

featuring David A. Boxley & Chris Hopkins

Two good friends from two very different backgrounds and cultures speak with one voice using the common language of art to tell a story that is uniquely American. 

David Boxley, First Nations Tsimshian, native to Metlakatla, Alaska, is considered the finest Tsimshian artist of his generation. David has achieved national recognition as an Alaskan Tsimshian master artist, dedicating his life to exploring, learning and sharing his rich culture and its beautiful art forms. As a result of his efforts to revive the Tsimshian culture, Boxley has been given the title of “cultural bearer” by his tribe and has passed his knowledge and techniques to his sons David and Zachary, who have followed in their father’s footsteps and become talented carvers and leaders in this cultural renaissance.

Chris Hopkins is a narrative painter who like Boxley, has honed his craft through years of experience. Chris gained the title “The Sky King”, for his talents as a landscape painter, before transitioning to a high-profile career creating movie posters for blockbusters like Return of the Jedi and Indiana Jones. Following his award-winning career as an illustrator in Hollywood, Hopkins’ work evolved into more meaningful efforts, celebrating stories of American perseverance, both past and present including depictions of the Tuskegee Airmen, incarcerated Japanese Americans of WWII and First Nations peoples of America’s Pacific Northwest.

Their admiration for one another is a true lesson in allyship, founded on a mutual desire to present an authentic and unromaticized version of the Tsimshian culture. Together, David and Chris will use their unique talents to share the stories of the Northwest Coast First Nations Peoples in a unified voice. 

Cover Art: “Hukgyilaam” by Chris Hopkins

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