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The Intersection of Art + Math
Past Exhibit

The Intersection of Art + Math

April 26 – June 2

Main Gallery

Opening Reception: April 26, 5-8pm

While math and art may seem like disciplines far apart, this exhibit helps demonstrate how mathematics has influenced art for centuries. The Intersection of Art + Math, presented in partnership with Art ꓵ Math by Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), offers a new perspective on how artists utilize math concepts and theories in the creation of their work. 

Mathematics is a fresh lens to understand art: reckoning with chaos, algorithms, equivalence, topology, geometry and other mathematics tools helps us to see art and the world with more depth.  A diverse selection of media is featured in the exhibit from artists and mathematicians including sculpture and oil paint, to textile and metalwork. Mathematician artists include Jayadev Athreya, Katherine Cook, Erik and Martin Demaine, Edmund Harriss, and Hamid Naderi Yeganeh. Visual artists who use mathematical principles in their practices include Paul Vexler, Suze Woolf, Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Amber Barney-Nivon, Rachel Holloway, Claire B. Jones, George Legrady, Jean Mandeberg, Savina Mason, Suchitra Mattai, June Sekiguchi, TimeaTihanyi/Sliprabbit, Lun Yi Tsai, and Ilana Zweschi.

The mezzanine gallery also features a new installation and mural created on-site by artist Harold Hollingsworth. Hollingsworth's artwork is characterized by colorful eruptions, rich surfaces, and rhythmic playfulness. He is best known for his work with familiar imagery such as old road sign graphics, as well as vintage and modern fonts. Recent works are more subtle translations of pop culture fused with discarded patterns such transparent newsprint and letterforms.

Art ꓵ Math is the brainchild of CoCA Board Member and Artist, Kate Vrijmoet, and mathematician educators Katherine Cook and Dr. Dan Finkel (Math For Love).

The Intersection of Art + Math runs from April 26 - June 2, 2018, with an opening reception on Thursday, April 26 from 5-8pm. This exhibit coincides with annual student field trips bringing 2,000 Snohomish County students to the Schack for a docent-led tour and hands-on art activity in May 2018. Field trips are sponsored by 2018 art education grants from The Boeing Company, U. S. Bank Foundation, and the Wells Fargo Foundation.

Participating Artists: Laura Allen, Jayadev Athreya, Jim Ballard, Amber Barney-NivÓn, Katherine Cook, John Critchett, Eric Demaine, Martin Demaine, Stewart Dickson, Robert Fairfax, Caryl Fallert-Gentry, Robert Fathauer, J. Paul Fennell, Simi Flores, Diana Friend, Michael T. Gardner, Cynthia Gaub, Yiota Georgas, Gary Giovanni, Edmund Harriss, Harold Hollingsworth, Rachel Holloway, Rick Holst, Linda R. Hughes, Linda James, Sarah Jane, Bonnie Johnson, Claire B. Jones, Clarice Keegan, Ted Larson, George Legrady, Darlene Lucas, Steph Madar, James Mai, Jean Mandeberg, Savina Mason, Anna Mastronardi, Suchitra Mattai, Dorothy McGuinness, Maren Oates, Ayako Okon, Mickey O'Reilly, Warren Pope, Stan Price, Russ Riddle, June Sekiguchi, Lori & Joel Soderberg, Anne Stagg, Caroline Sumpter, Khadija Tarver, Timea Tihanyi/Slip Rabbit Studio, Lun-Yi Tsai, Benjamin Van Citters, Hamid Naderi Yeganeh, Paul Vexler, Geraldine Warner, Suze Woolf, and Ilana Zweschi

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