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Learn more about each of our instructors below.

Staci Adman

Staci Adman was born in Seattle and received her BFA in Painting from the University of Washington, where she focused on painting in egg tempera.  After college she worked at a small jewelry studio in Seattle making jewelry from hand-blown glass tubing.   She now works in glass, metals and fiber, and paints in a variety of media.  Staci finds constant inspiration in the natural world and is a strong believer in the STEAM movement - an initiative to help inspire future innovation and keep art in our education system by adding Art and Design into the current focus on STEM subjects. 

For nearly 20 years Staci has taught art lessons and organized special art projects in local schools.  Some of those projects may still be seen where they are permanently installed on the playground at St. Edward State Park and at Kenmore Junior High.  Her own work has been included in shows and hung in galleries around the region.  She now enjoys a daily commute of a few steps out to her studio from her front door in Kenmore.

Mari Atkinson

Mari Atkinson is a National Board-Certified Teacher in EAYA Art and teaches visual art for Snohomish SD at Valley View Middle School. She has a Master of Language Arts degree from Seattle Pacific University and an Art Education BA from Carroll University. Mari is part of the Schack Art Center Education Committee. She is a past Co-President for the Washington Art Education Association (WAEA) and serves with the OSPI Arts Leadership Cadre. Mari has presented nationally on authentic assessment; was awarded the Art Advocate of the Year in 2016, the WAEA Middle Level Art Educator 2017, and the 2018 WAEA State Visual Art Educator of the Year. 

Bonnie AuBuchon

Art has always been an integral part of my life and memory.  It was what I truly aspired to and enjoyed from childhood until now.  I attended the University of Washington with the intention of being an art educator but became enamored with metal while taking a jewelry making and hollowware class.  I received  a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metal design in 1974 and  have been designing jewelry, sculpture and enamels ever since.

Although jewelry design is my primary medium I continue to practice in other media striving toward competency.  Printmaking has been a three year progression toward this goal.  It has been an intensive weekly education that always brings surprises with an exciting evolution.  Printmaking allows a journey into color and abstract forms that I have always enjoyed. 

Working in the schools my sons had attended connected me with many opportunities to teach art in the community.  Since 1990 I have taught art to children and adults through the Edmonds School District, Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood Arts and Recreation and many other institutions in the Puget Sound region.

Peter Barth

Pete Barth is a Painter and graduate from Florida State University in Studio Art and Biology. He excels in the teaching of art concepts such as color, value, materials, and composition. His paintings and classes delve into the exploration of nature in art, as well as the representation of animals in action- running, jumping, flying, migrating, burrowing, and swimming!  Lively, outgoing, and patient, he is enthusiastic about teaching art concepts in an informative, in-depth manner, while bringing fun and creativity to the art process! When you attend his classes, you are sure to have a wonderful, creative time, and leave with a beautiful, fascinating work of art!

Edgar Beltran

As a first generation Mexican-American child, Edgar always found peace in being a doodler. Native to Everett, Washington, it wasn't his until junior year at Central Washington University while studying accounting that he decided to invest into making art his full time career, first dabbling in watercolor, then transitioning into traditional sign painting and lettering, then finally picking up digital art. Edgar is a proud advocate of more art in public spaces, he is fond of faux murals, tactful and responsive work to the environment, flourished lettering, and colorful messages.

Anita Black

Anita's art career began as a graphic designer in the printing industry, then she found her creative passion - art glass.

Her journey with stained glass began as a hobbyist in 1986 and she has been a professional glass artist since 1997.

Her love of nature is reflected in the original designs that she enjoys creating for clients and students.

Enjoy the beauty of art glass for a lifetime!

Dana Butler

After spending 40 years in a professional/technical career, instructor Dana Butler embarked on a new right-brained career path. She became a full-time art student for several years, attending well over 400 classes, studying more than a dozen disciplines. She now sells her jewelry and artwork in gallery shops and art shows, as well as teaching classes and workshops.

Tina Carpenter

Tiina has 24 years of experience as an clay artist in residence for Edmonds, Brier, Shoreline and Seattle School districts. She loves creating pieces with adults, kids and families that they can enjoy for years. She works with each participant to offer ideas to guarantee success.

Manuel Castro

Manuel Castro's first introduction to glassblowing was in 1997 at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, where a contemporary glass renaissance had been developing since the 70's. From 2000-2002 he worked as part of the Manifesto glass team, one of the premiere glass studios in Seattle. It was at Manifesto that Manuel was able to hone his skills and comprehension of glass necessary to materialize the designs he imagined. "I knew that the daily process of perfecting the craft would create the muscle memory and vision to bring my ideas into form."
In 2001 he was chosen to be part of the Lino Tagliapietra Seattle glass blowing team. The Italian maestro, Lino Tagliapietra is arguably one of the greatest living glassblowers in the world. The opportunity for Manuel to work with Lino has provided him with a vast pool of knowledge surrounding Venetian methods. Castro says, "The Venetian techniques in glass have always been a focus of interest for me. The combination of these age old secrets combined with modern concepts intrigues me and is the basis of much of my work. "

In 2002 Manuel Castro moved to Indonesia for two years, there he collaborated with visual artists and modern theater artists. With help from the Visual Arts Department of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in Indonesia, Castro helped to open the first hot shop in West Java. "The time spent in Indonesia opened my eyes to new perspectives of what beauty and art could be. The artists there had few resources to work with, yet found ways to create and live for the art form they had chosen."

Manuel continues to work on the Lino Tagliapietra team and the Manifesto glass team. Castro moved to the Tashiro Kaplan artist lofts in 2005 where he presently designs and creates his own glass works. Castro is also a founding member of The Memory War Theater Project where he serves as writer and video designer.
Castro's work has been exhibited at Pratt Fine Arts Center, Corridor Gallery, Senso Unico, Vision Gallery, Fabrik Galleri, and Art By Fire in Seattle, Portland, Chicago and San Francisco.

Mariah Cavanagh

I'm Mariah Cavanagh and I am a 26 year old lampworker, who started a career in glass as a production pipe maker. This way of art is a growing industry in today's world and I would like to share my knowledge with those interested in getting into functional glass.

Rebecca Chernow

Rebecca Chernow holds a degree in glass sculpture from the Alfred University School of Art and Design and a masters of fine arts from the University of Washington. She has taught at Pratt Fine Art Center, Pilchuck Glass School, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and been a visiting artist at the Tacoma Museum of Glass, The Australian National University in Canberra, Australia, and Northlands Creative Glass Centre in Lybster, Scotland. She currently lives and works in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys gardening and camping in her free time.

Shelly Chess

Shelly has been teaching visual arts since 2002 at various schools and art institutions. She offers watercolor,acrylic, and charcoal and pencil sketching classes along with collage classes that incorporate many different art mediums.

Her childhood experiences have highlighted how important it is to expose children and young adults to the visual arts. Students become engaged and explore many art skills, allowing their confidence to grow as they explore their creativity. This gives the students pride in their work and puts smiles on their faces, which Shelly says is the most satisfying part of her job!

Rich Langley & Chris Schulke

Richard Langley began blowing glass as an apprentice to Michelle Kaptur in Bend, Oregon in 1997. In 2001 Rich moved to Florence, Montana and opened Cloud Cap Glass studios. In Florence he started a production line and taught classes on glass blowing. After a few years blowing glass in Montana Rich decided to further his education and career by moving to Seattle, where in the past 15 years he has worked for various artists and production glass houses. Rich has also built another glass shop in Seattle where he has continued to make his own line of blown glass. Rich also enjoys Rock climbing, mushroom hunting and enjoying the outdoors.

Jackie Cort

Artist Jackie Cort , also known as the "Wax Slayer." Cort has been a painter and maker of all things creative as long as she can remember. A self taught artist, who has painted most anything that can be painted on, including people!

She is currently a full time artist and teacher at her Studio in Snohomish, and the NW area.

Jackie works primarily in Encaustic. This is the art of painting with molten beeswax and a blowtorch. It gives her great satisfaction to play with the flow of such a natural medium combined with bold and vivid pigments. Cort's subject matter is spontaneous and in the moment. She loves teaching encaustic workshops and meeting new creatives.

Barbara De Pirro

Barbara De Pirro is a painter, sculptor, installation artist and educator, sponsored by Golden Artist Colors, Inc.  She works both two and three dimensionally, translating and cross pollinating her concepts from one media to the other.  Her expansive knowledge of acrylic, combined equally with her broad understanding of a full range of media opens the door to endless possibilities.  All of this, she generously shares with other artists in her workshops and lectures.

De Pirro's artwork has been commissioned and exhibited both nationally and internationally.  She has completed numerous public art installations both interior and exterior.  Honored as Resident Artist at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma three years running plus traveled throughout parts of Europe, Asia, South and North America via art and education residencies.  Additionally, De Pirro's artwork and techniques have been published in multiple articles, publications and books. 

Peggy Foy

Seattle jeweler Peggy Foy received a formal training in metalsmithing from the University of Georgia, graduating with a BFA in Jewelry/Metalwork. Drawn by the vibrant arts community (and the natural beauty and ethical sensibilities of the region), Peggy relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2005. She served on the board of the Seattle Metals Guild from 2011-2018, and was its President from 2016-17. Peggy teaches at art centers throughout the Puget Sound region, and in 2020 she opened an art jewelry gallery within her Pioneer Square studio. Visit for more information.

Mia Hanson

I formally opened Mia's Handwovens in 2019 to share my beloved creative skill with the world in an accessible way. I wanted to teach my community to love weaving the way I do. To breathe the meditative rhythms of the loom, and to build their own relationships with the materials our world provides for us with which to create. I began with in-person workshops in Everett, Washington and the Greater Seattle Area, and am here to establish a virtual platform. I have created small looms and weaving tools for the frame-loom tapestry weaver to learn on and to use for years to come. I plan to continue creating new tools and designing new looms that will enable you to unleash your creative side even further. Please join me in this journey. I can't wait to see where it takes us.

Karen Klee-Atlin

Karen Klee-Atlin was born in Toronto, Where she studied at the Ontario College of Art.  She did graduate work in painting and printmaking and received her MFA from the University of Calgary.

Karen has enjoyed working in relief printmaking for many years. Originally a painter, she finds the puzzling over what needs to be cut to create the image, the action of cutting and working with the press to be an inviting entry into the process of making art. In addition to teaching Karen pursues her own work in her studio, Blue House & Yellow Dog Studio, in Ballard.

Richard Langley

Richard Langley began blowing glass as an apprentice to Michelle Kaptur in Bend, Oregon in 1997. In 2001 Rich moved to Florence, Montana and opened Cloud Cap Glass studios. In Florence he started a production line and taught classes on glass blowing. After a few years blowing glass in Montana Rich decided to further his education and career by moving to Seattle, where in the past 15 years he has worked for various artists and production glass houses. Rich has also built another glass shop in Seattle where he has continued to make his own line of blown glass. Rich also enjoys Rock climbing, mushroom hunting and enjoying the outdoors.

Angie Louthan

Angie Louthan is a Life Coach who uses art as a tool for introspection, mindfulness, and learning through play. Angie is the founder of The Kind Fest and provides a platform for bringing people together to be inspired, educated, and empowered to create a kinder world. She is a mom to 2 artistic daughters, 9 and 11 years old.

Kathy Lynott

I first discovered the invaluable experience of hosting Monster-Making workshops in St. Louis, MO. I was happily surprised to see students discovering their inner artist. They beamed with pride at successfully acquiring a new skill while creating something uniquely their own.
Students who had otherwise been known as "trouble-makers" forgot about their reputations and became my most invested art assistants.

This workshop is unique because the skills they learn in sewing, design and story-telling are skills that will support them as life-long learners. This workshop has changed the way that I think about art because within one project-based session, I have seen individuals grow to become confident artists, empowered learners who are motivated to keep creating!

Maren Oates

Maren Oates is a self-taught mixed media artist who uses gel printing as the foundation for her work. Whether creating monoprints, collages, or other mixed media works her pieces always start with unique gel printed papers. You can follow her creative journey on Instagram @maren.oates.

Samantha Slater

Originally from South Africa, Samantha's life in Seattle has drawn her toward the concepts and process of jewelry making. It is through creating; annealing metal, heating, cooling, softening, hardening, fusing and texturing, that she tries with a quiet complex process to make sense of life's hard and soft parts. Samantha taught classes at Fusion Beads for over 10 years, she has also guest lectured at Pratt Fine Arts and is currently teaching at NW Rockhounds and privately at her studio in Seattle . It is her desire to not only create beautiful art and jewelry but share her knowledge so others can do the same.

Cathy Tanasse

Cathy Tanasse (MA Art, BA Ed. and Nationally Board Certified) is retired after 34 years teaching in the Snohomish School District. She taught K - 12th grade Art in various forms, from Art 1 (beginning art), Crafts, Ceramics, Drawing, to Advanced Placement Art as well as to university and adult art students. Art advocacy, volunteering and creating public art are integral to her art education focus. She has taught, (and loves) various media, including graphite, charcoal, pastel, ink, clay, mosaic, watercolor, and crafts, but color pencil is one of her favorites.

She studied, taught, and exhibited art nationally and internationally, presented at art conferences across the country and received numerous local and national grants and awards. among these include from the National Endowment for the Humanities, School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, Washington Art Education Association (WAEA) for Secondary Art Educator of the Year, and WAEA Tribute Award for lifetime service.

She currently enjoys doing portraits of refugee children for the Memory Project and volunteering at the Schack Art Center.

Lauryn Taylor

Lauryn Taylor began her career as a professional artist while enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. She majored in graphic design and photography, although secretly she imagined it would be quite fun to abandon the pursuit of a safe career and instead hang out with the painting majors who had purple hair and multiple pierced body parts.

A compromise was eventually reached when she was awarded a position interning as a toy and greeting card designer for an edgy division of American Greetings called Those Characters from Cleveland. Immersed in a unique and inspiring corporate culture that promoted individuality among their artists, Lauryn and the "characters" created commercial art by day and pursued their fine art by night.

The internship evolved into a full time position and launched a successful design and marketing career that spanned two decades. During this period, Lauryn moved to California and continued painting in her non-corporate time, eventually quitting her day job and transitioning into a full time acrylic abstract painter.

Her unique painting style and passion for sharing information with fellow artists prompted a gallery owner to encourage her to consider teaching abstract painting workshops. She considered, for about 10 seconds, and took the plunge. That same year, she launched Lauryn Taylor Fine Art, a progressive Carmel-by the Sea gallery designed to provide a fresh exhibition environment for West Coast emerging and established artists. The gallery and painting workshops complemented each other beautifully, and over the next several years Lauryn divided her time between launching new gallery exhibitions and teaching a wide variety of acrylic and encaustic workshops.

After many years of living and teaching in California, Lauryn relocated to Washington state, with her husband and son. Currently, she divides her time between family, painting, and teaching workshops.

Carly Vdh

Hello! My name is Carly and am honored to be the new Lapidary teacher for the Schack Art Center. Stonework and Silversmithing have been a passion of mine for my whole life but I have really made it a profession the last 4 years.

I have been officially teaching stone cutting for about a year now at NW Rockhounds in Seattle, an amazing shop where I also received my Lapidary education. My whole life is art and creating beautiful things so I very much look forward to sharing the passion with students and getting people excited about creating artwork with gemstones.

Katie Zeitler

Katie Zeitler has been creating art since she was a young child. She studied Fine Art painting and Graphic Design at the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington DC. Her favorite mediums to work in are Copic marker illustration and watercolor, but as an avid outdoors person, she also enjoys adventure photography.