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Staci Adman

Staci Adman was born in Seattle and received her BFA in Painting from the University of Washington, where she focused on painting in egg tempera.  After college she worked at a small jewelry studio in Seattle making jewelry from hand-blown glass tubing.   She now works in glass, metals and fiber, and paints in a variety of media.  Staci finds constant inspiration in the natural world and is a strong believer in the STEAM movement - an initiative to help inspire future innovation and keep art in our education system by adding Art and Design into the current focus on STEM subjects. 

For nearly 20 years Staci has taught art lessons and organized special art projects in local schools.  Some of those projects may still be seen where they are permanently installed on the playground at St. Edward State Park and at Kenmore Junior High.  Her own work has been included in shows and hung in galleries around the region.  She now enjoys a daily commute of a few steps out to her studio from her front door in Kenmore.

Mari Atkinson

Mari Atkinson is an art instructor at Olympic View Middle School in Mukilteo, WA.

Bonnie AuBuchon

Art has always been an integral part of my life and memory.  It was what I truly aspired to and enjoyed from childhood until now.  I attended the University of Washington with the intention of being an art educator but became enamored with metal while taking a jewelry making and hollowware class.  I received  a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metal design in 1974 and  have been designing jewelry, sculpture and enamels ever since.

Although jewelry design is my primary medium I continue to practice in other media striving toward competency.  Printmaking has been a three year progression toward this goal.  It has been an intensive weekly education that always brings surprises with an exciting evolution.  Printmaking allows a journey into color and abstract forms that I have always enjoyed. 

Working in the schools my sons had attended connected me with many opportunities to teach art in the community.  Since 1990 I have taught art to children and adults through the Edmonds School District, Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood Arts and Recreation and many other institutions in the Puget Sound region.

Jesse Bach

Jesse Bach has a BFA from Alfred University college of ceramics. Jesse Bach has worked with numerous of Americas finest glass artists including John Kiley, Karen Willenbrink, James Mongrain and Lynn Read. Jesse has wide glass background from glassblowing, coldworking, fusing and casting

Kathy Barker

From an early age I have had a passion for art and the beauty of hand lettering. Drawing and lettering were main focuses for me in both elementary and High School.

I went on to study fine art, printmaking and calligraphy in the School of Art at the University of Michigan where I received both a BFA and an MFA with a focus on teaching and art. Upon moving to the Seattle area in 1978, I became involved in the calligraphy societies in this area and continued to develop my skills through extensive master classes.

My teaching experience includes twenty years as a scientific art instructor for the University of Washington Continuing Education program. I have taught calligraphy in many public school systems as a guest presenter. Presently, I teach calligraphy at Bellevue College which I have been doing since 2007.

The profession of teaching is very important to me because I enjoy sharing my love of the calligraphic arts as well as the joy of creativity and self-expression.

Peter Barth

Pete Barth is a Painter and graduate from Florida State University in Studio Art and Biology. He excels in the teaching of art concepts such as color, value, materials, and composition. His paintings and classes delve into the exploration of nature in art, as well as the representation of animals in action- running, jumping, flying, migrating, burrowing, and swimming!  Lively, outgoing, and patient, he is enthusiastic about teaching art concepts in an informative, in-depth manner, while bringing fun and creativity to the art process! When you attend his classes, you are sure to have a wonderful, creative time, and leave with a beautiful, fascinating work of art!

Anita Black

Anita's art career began as a graphic designer in the printing industry, then she found her creative passion - art glass.

Her journey with stained glass began as a hobbyist in 1986 and she has been a professional glass artist since 1997.

Her love of nature is reflected in the original designs that she enjoys creating for clients and students.

Enjoy the beauty of art glass for a lifetime!

Jessie Blackmer

My work is both an autobiography and exploration of the forms and phenomena that interest me.

I am fascinated by common diseases and the forms they take when they interact with soft tissue. As it happens, these bacteria, viruses, and fungi exist on almost every surface in every environment. This realization caused me to wonder how non-living structures would be affected by the pathogens that cover them and us. To explore this line of thought, within the context of the home or a residential space, I am mutating common construction materials to give the impression of infection both contagious and spreading. These concerns and the forms I am using to address them have wider implications for the house or home as a body, a living space.

In addition to pestilence I am also experimenting with pests. I have chosen fleas and mice to represent how closely we live with these carriers. In large part this decision is due to my experience with household infestations both during my childhood and to a lesser extent my adulthood. My investigations into mice use the form of the baby mouse, or pinky, as a symptom of infestation. There are between six and eight individuals per pile of pinkies and one pile per nest. One is overwhelmed by the sheer number of individuals and the detail given to each individual glass pinky. The pinkies when born, aside from their size, look like many other types of infant mammal. They are naked of fur, vulnerable, fragile, and completely dependent. Most humans can identify with any one of these conditions and after overcoming their initial aversion the viewers are encouraged to identify with these sculptures on an intimate level, and to empathize with their state of being.

Byron Bratt

Byron Bratt, The Master of Mezzotint, works without peer in this technically challenging medium.  His works are included in the collections of the New York Public Library, The Library of Congress, and locally in the City of Everett, as well as many private collections.  Byron was the Arts Council of Snohomish County's Artist of the Year in 1993.

Elizabeth Brinton

Elizabeth is a full time studio artist. She makes silkscreen images, paintings, and ceramics, inspired by nature. She works with all ages and enjoys sharing the joy of art. She is a member of American Print Arts, Print Arts Northwest, and Seattle Print Arts, and regularly shows work, including at her Kirkland garden studio by appointment.

Jody Cain

A middle school Art Teacher by day (which is not limited to problem solver, world saver, and negotiator), Jody enjoys spending time with her inspirational children, husband, and energetic family pets.  They are the fuel that keeps the motor roaring and the stimulus behind every project. After all, those who can DO - teach!

Born and raised in Snohomish, Jody is a self-taught mixed media artist. She believes in the autonomy of freedom of choice and expression.  Often losing herself in her studio, she experiments with combinations of memorabilia and past sentiments to create an individualized, heart-warming effect.  Jody scavenges for hidden treasures all about the country in her quest to originate a timeless classic, which becomes her art.

Kevin Cain

Kevin Cain is a Seattle based artist who has incorporated Celtic design into his work for several years. Its infinite variety should keep him fascinated for many more.

Tina Carpenter

Tiina has 24 years of experience as an clay artist in residence for Edmonds, Brier, Shoreline and Seattle School districts. She loves creating pieces with adults, kids and families that they can enjoy for years. She works with each participant to offer ideas to guarantee success.

Art Cass

Art Cass is retired navy and an Everett resident for last 13 years. He was instructed in lapidary by Master Lapidarist Rocky McCall in 2002.  He has been teaching privately for 4 years. Art has created several hundred cabochons for sale and trade as well as cabochon creation for customers.   He has been a Lapidary demonstrator at the Everett Rock and Gem Show since 2006 and a participant in Everett Art Walk for 3 years.  He was a participant in the City of Everett "Artist Studio" program for one year.  Art is a four time volunteer of the Schack's Fresh Paint and is a member of the Schack Art Center. 

Manuel Castro

Manuel Castro's first introduction to glassblowing was in 1997 at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, where a contemporary glass renaissance had been developing since the 70's. From 2000-2002 he worked as part of the Manifesto glass team, one of the premiere glass studios in Seattle. It was at Manifesto that Manuel was able to hone his skills and comprehension of glass necessary to materialize the designs he imagined. "I knew that the daily process of perfecting the craft would create the muscle memory and vision to bring my ideas into form."
In 2001 he was chosen to be part of the Lino Tagliapietra Seattle glass blowing team. The Italian maestro, Lino Tagliapietra is arguably one of the greatest living glassblowers in the world. The opportunity for Manuel to work with Lino has provided him with a vast pool of knowledge surrounding Venetian methods. Castro says, "The Venetian techniques in glass have always been a focus of interest for me. The combination of these age old secrets combined with modern concepts intrigues me and is the basis of much of my work. "

In 2002 Manuel Castro moved to Indonesia for two years, there he collaborated with visual artists and modern theater artists. With help from the Visual Arts Department of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in Indonesia, Castro helped to open the first hot shop in West Java. "The time spent in Indonesia opened my eyes to new perspectives of what beauty and art could be. The artists there had few resources to work with, yet found ways to create and live for the art form they had chosen."

Manuel continues to work on the Lino Tagliapietra team and the Manifesto glass team. Castro moved to the Tashiro Kaplan artist lofts in 2005 where he presently designs and creates his own glass works. Castro is also a founding member of The Memory War Theater Project where he serves as writer and video designer.
Castro's work has been exhibited at Pratt Fine Arts Center, Corridor Gallery, Senso Unico, Vision Gallery, Fabrik Galleri, and Art By Fire in Seattle, Portland, Chicago and San Francisco.

Shelly Chess

Shelly has been teaching visual arts since 2002 at various schools and art institutions. She offers watercolor,acrylic, and charcoal and pencil sketching classes along with collage classes that incorporate many different art mediums.

Her childhood experiences have highlighted how important it is to expose children and young adults to the visual arts. Students become engaged and explore many art skills, allowing their confidence to grow as they explore their creativity. This gives the students pride in their work and puts smiles on their faces, which Shelly says is the most satisfying part of her job!

Rich Langley & Chris Schuelke

Richard Langley began blowing glass as an apprentice to Michelle Kaptur in Bend, Oregon in 1997. In 2001 Rich moved to Florence, Montana and opened Cloud Cap Glass studios. In Florence he started a production line and taught classes on glass blowing. After a few years blowing glass in Montana Rich decided to further his education and career by moving to Seattle, where in the past 15 years he has worked for various artists and production glass houses. Rich has also built another glass shop in Seattle where he has continued to make his own line of blown glass. Rich also enjoys Rock climbing, mushroom hunting and enjoying the outdoors.

Jackie Cort

Artist Jackie Cort , also known as the "Wax Slayer." Cort has been a painter and maker of all things creative as long as she can remember. A self taught artist, who has painted most anything that can be painted on, including people!

She is currently a full time artist and teacher at her Studio in Snohomish, and the NW area.

Jackie works primarily in Encaustic. This is the art of painting with molten beeswax and a blowtorch. It gives her great satisfaction to play with the flow of such a natural medium combined with bold and vivid pigments. Cort's subject matter is spontaneous and in the moment. She loves teaching encaustic workshops and meeting new creatives.

Alicia Czerwiec

Alicia Czerwiec is a local Seattle native. She holds a B.F.A. from the University of Washington with a minor in Art History. She also has two Fashion design degrees from FIDM.

Professionally she has worked on film and television sets as well as for LA based fashion designers. Currently she is the owner of a small retailer in addition to managing projects for a large local retailer.

Artistically, Alicia is inspired by architectural details and intricate patterns. Alicia enjoys combining various textures, techniques and patterns in her artwork. She believes creativity is a lifestyle. It can and should be applied in every aspect.

Barbara De Pirro

Barbara De Pirro is a painter, sculptor, installation artist and educator, sponsored by Golden Artist Colors, Inc.  She works both two and three dimensionally, translating and cross pollinating her concepts from one media to the other.  Her expansive knowledge of acrylic, combined equally with her broad understanding of a full range of media opens the door to endless possibilities.  All of this, she generously shares with other artists in her workshops and lectures.

De Pirro's artwork has been commissioned and exhibited both nationally and internationally.  She has completed numerous public art installations both interior and exterior.  Honored as Resident Artist at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma three years running plus traveled throughout parts of Europe, Asia, South and North America via art and education residencies.  Additionally, De Pirro's artwork and techniques have been published in multiple articles, publications and books. 

Lois Gaylord

Lois Gaylord holds a bachelor's degree in textile design, and also completed the University of Washington's Professional Certificate Program in Fiber Arts. She uses many textile and fiber processes in her work including weaving, dyeing and sewing.

Lois enjoys sharing her knowledge and inspiring students to explore the fiber arts. Currently she is teaching weaving at the Swedish Club in Seattle. She has been an adjunct instructor at the Seattle Art Institute, and has taught workshops at many locations including: the Women of Wisdom Conference, at local fabric stores, and at historical re-enactment events.

Her current work has a spiritual focus. She makes textiles for ritual or religious functions as well as abstract fiber and mixed media art based on spiritual themes.

Sara Harlan

Sara Harlan has a degree in Art, Library Science and a masters degree in Education. In 2013 she earned her Zentangle teaching certification while teaching middle school art in Stanwood. She enjoys teaching Zentangle methods and strategies to all ages from 6 - 106, and in a variety of places from private homes to public schools. Sara believes in the healing power of art, and has come to know Zentangle as a means of providing a focused, relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone who has tried it.

Deborah Kapoor

Artist Deborah Kapoor earned a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Delaware, and Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of North Texas. Her works have been published in magazines Fiber Art Now (2016) and Surface Design Journal (Winter 2015/2016 issue) as well as in Encaustic in the Twenty-First Century by Ashley Rooney in 2016, and other books highlighting encaustic. In her own work, she translates details of physical and perceptual embodiment, often merging painting and sculpture into dimensional, textured surfaces. Kapoor has exhibited widely in the US - most recently at Square Foot Art Basel Miami, Sammamish City Hall and Suzanne Zahr Gallery for her solo installation INTO THE PINK. You can see more of her work if traveling at Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson, Arizona, locally at ArtXchange Gallery, Seattle in Pioneer Square, or at her website,

Cecilia Kennedy

Cecilia Kennedy holds a doctorate degree in literature from The Ohio State University.  Before moving from Ohio in 2016, she spent 20 years teaching writing, literary analysis, and Spanish at the college level.   Currently, in addition to working online as a writing tutor for a publishing company, she is the sole proprietor of Paper/Rock Writing Consultation.  In her spare time, she creates weekly posts for her DIY blog, "Fixin' Leaks and Leeks" and fictional ghost/horror stories, which have been published in literary journals and magazines online and in print. She lives in the Snohomish County area with her husband, teenage son, and a cat named SeaTac.  

Karen Klee-Atlin

Karen Klee-Atlin was born in Toronto, Where she studied at the Ontario College of Art.  She did graduate work in painting and printmaking and received her MFA from the University of Calgary.

Karen has enjoyed working in relief printmaking for many years. Originally a painter, she finds the puzzling over what needs to be cut to create the image, the action of cutting and working with the press to be an inviting entry into the process of making art. In addition to teaching Karen pursues her own work in her studio, Blue House & Yellow Dog Studio, in Ballard.

Richard Langley

Richard Langley began blowing glass as an apprentice to Michelle Kaptur in Bend, Oregon in 1997. In 2001 Rich moved to Florence, Montana and opened Cloud Cap Glass studios. In Florence he started a production line and taught classes on glass blowing. After a few years blowing glass in Montana Rich decided to further his education and career by moving to Seattle, where in the past 15 years he has worked for various artists and production glass houses. Rich has also built another glass shop in Seattle where he has continued to make his own line of blown glass. Rich also enjoys Rock climbing, mushroom hunting and enjoying the outdoors.

Janet Lehwalder

Janet Lehwalder paints on silk using fiber reactive dyes.  Her work includes framed silk paintings done in a watercolor style, and quilted silk comforters. "I love watching the colors as they flow and blend so naturally. And since silk reflects light, it gives the paintings a special luminosity."

She also teaches a variety of silk classes for adults and kids all around the Pacific Northwest, including classes in shops, junior colleges, private groups, and through the Bellingham Allied Arts Education Project.  Home is five acres east of Bellingham, WA. 

Julia Lowther

Professional jewelry artist, Julia Lowther, was raised in Monteverde, Costa Rica, and has been teaching jewelry making nationally and internationally for 15 years.  An active member of the vibrant Pacific Northwest metals community, she has studied and worked with many internationally recognized jewelry artists, including Mary Hu, Komelia Okim, Doug Harling, and Megan Corwin. Lowther's jewelry is comfortable, chic and stunning. Her work has been published most recently in the books 500 Gemstone Jewels; Chain Mail Jewelry; Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet; and Art Jewelry Today 3. She lives and works in Seattle, WA.

Berette Macaulay

Berette Macaulay is a writer and photo-based artist who creates conceptual portraiture, abstract imagery, and mixed media installations using digital, alternative, and analog work processes. She has also collaborated on projects with performers, choreographers, filmmakers, and educators. She has created, published, and exhibited works in Central America, Europe, Hong Kong, Jamaica, UK, and cities within the US. Her writings and analyses of other artists’ work have been featured in publications such as The Other Hundred, Small Talk Magazine, NPG London, OF Note Magazine, and the World Policy Journal. Her art is privately collected and her portrait and documentary works are also in the permanent collections of International Center of Photography (ICP), New York, and the National Gallery of Jamaica.

Berette has worked as a curator, most notably at Taller Boricua Gallery mounting a proposed photo-based multimedia group show on immigration and its consequence of multicultural identities. The illusive self exhibition featured 46 works and 2 multi-piece installations by 18 emerging and established artists in New York City.

She has also worked as an educator, speaker, advocate, and board member for social art therapy projects within the Caribbean and New York. She has forged ongoing relationships with organizations such as Art for Progress in art education, and CITYArts where she worked as a liaison for its Pieces for Peace project exchange with Sierra Leonean and Jamaican students. She was invited twice as a guest speaker to the prestigious Trinity School, NYC to speak about multiculturalism and identity; and serves as Artist Board Member for Studio 174 in Jamaica, and consulting partner with Save Our Jamaica Foundation.

Berette Macaulay was born in Sierra Leone of West African/Dominican/German-Czech descent. She was raised in Jamaica and the UK, and is now based in the United States.

Jennifer MacLean

Jennifer J MacLean's work is often influenced by contemporary science, particularly the discoveries of modern physics, duality, and the geometry within the natural world.

Her artistic pursuits include painting, jewelry design, and teaching.

Jennifer has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from Oregon College of Art and Craft. 

Eddie Magliaro

Born and raised in NJ growing up on the cusp of such huge metropolis areas, such as New York City and Philadelphia, have played a huge influence in my life. NYC street art, northeast underground metal and hip hop, skate/surf scene have all played roles in my life one way or another. In contrast most of my recent work pulls from influences of rural WA state. Logging trucks, fishing boats, hunters, mountain and ocean sports...just to name a few.

Glass as a medium is wildly unique. It ranges the scale from complete representational to a perfectly round blob. Just like a city is controlled by traffic and grids, we control glass with tools. Very similar to the uncontrollable growth Seattle is experiencing, the city pushing further into rural areas, I am interested in the moment of glass making where highly representational and abstract areas interact and blend into something new.

Anna Mastronardi Novak

Anna's work in oil, wax color pencil, and mixed media has exhibited nationally in galleries and museums for over 25 years. Her work is featured in corporate collections, and she is an integral part of the arts community. She is regularly featured in auctions for PONCHO and Museum of Northwest Art.

The innovative technique she employs for her wax color pencil work is unrivaled for its tactile and liquid surface, and has received recognition for its extraordinary quality. Her oil on canvas work is a bold and unconventional style that utilizes both oils and oil sticks to increase the textural qualities of surface and magnify chromatic strength.

She attributes her intensely intricate approach to the influence of her early years in native Italy, and now resides on Whidbey Island where she has had her woodland studio for the past 14 years.

Michele Morton

Michele Morton has been doing coiled basket weaving since January of 2006. She loves to share the art with those interested in keeping this technique alive well into future generations. She admits her students creativity and wonder keep her excited to begin making the her next piece. Art is always a collaboration of creative minds. Mostly she believes in having fun while learning.

Leslie Nan Moon

Leslie Nan Moon received her BFA in Printmaking and Book Arts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia PA. Her prints and books are in private collections both in the US and internationally.

Natina Norton

Natina Norton, owner of Natina Norton Designs, is an artist, writer, and creator of industrial style jewelry made using upcycled parts from computers, electronics, and found objects. She was born and raised in the Seattle area, but has lived and travelled around the world including Australia, Italy, and Ireland where she studied graphic design, art history, and illustration.

As a writer, Natina has penned articles for and WOW Magazine and is currently working on her first book. And, as an artist, her artwork has been exhibited both at home and abroad, one of her favorite projects being a 7' x 9' foot permanent mural commissioned by Google.

Her work is often inspired by her great love of travel, as well as for all things nature (especially birds), and she enjoys sharing her enthusiasm and experiences with her students.

For samples of Natina's wide variety of work, please visit her website and Facebook page.

Suz O'Dell

Suz O'Dell has been a crafts person for over 25 years.  Inspired by her German and Mexican heritage, she found herself drawn into the arts at an early age. Suz spent five years living in Heidelberg, Germany, studying photography, and traveling to other countries with her camera.  In the early 80s she began working as a professional photographer in California's film and commercial industries and spent over 12 years as a freelance photographer, production manager and producer.  Prior to photography, Suz owned and operated Captain Cook Glassworks, an art glass studio in Kona, Hawaii.

In the early 90s, Suz continued her pursuit of the arts by studying Lapidary (the art of gem cutting) at Galileo Gem Guild, as well as Metalsmithing at the Sharon Arts Studio in San Francisco, California.

In the late 90's a new medium called Precious Metal Clay became available to artists and it was love at first sight.  Suz completed an intensive course designed for teachers and was urged by her metals teacher to share her knowledge and start teaching.  A few years later, Bronze was introduced to the art world and it was affordable.   Suz started working in Bronze from day one since she could now experiment without the consideration of how much she might be wasting.

Suz has taught classes for over 12 years. A list of the venues includes: Mendocino Art Center, Sharon Arts Center, Sonoma Art Center, Danaca Design, South Seattle City College, and North Seattle City College

Jacob Petersen

I am a full time glass artist and graduated from Everett CC. I started blowing glass in 2015 and since then have made it my full time buisness. I am really interested in new avenues for my art and love teaching people how to enjoy the art like myself. I plan starting my own lampwork studio in the next year and start doing production, unique, and lathework borosilicate.

Bill Ray

Bill is an award-winning photographer and instructor whose photos have won in juried NW art shows like Kenmore and Schack, and in the international NOIR Best of B&W. His images capture beauty in the natural world for its own sake, to keep us in touch with the planet in our increasingly urbanized world. As an instructor he enjoys demystifying technical material for non-technical people, without dumbing things down.

Bill is a lifelong photographer, starting with the Ansel Adams Zone System as a teenager. An early Photoshop user from scanned film, he switched to full digital in 2006, delighted to find his arts avocation had converged with his computer engineering profession. He is an active member of ArtistsConnect Edmonds, Puget Sound Camera Club and Seattle Photographic Society.

Annaleah Riley

Annaleah has been sewing for over two decades, since learning at the age of 10, and it remains one of her favorite pasttimes.  She continues to sew regularly, even while being a busy homeschooling mom of six young children.  Some of those sewing projects are sold through her side business, Simple Threads. She lives in Everett with her family

Seth Riley

Seth Riley is the recent recipient of an MFA in Creative Writing from Seattle Pacific University. His work has appeared in the Wetlands Review, and he is currently working on his first novel. Seth lives in Everett with his wife and children.

Nat Seymour

Nat's relationship with the camera started in college and has grown into a passion for capturing each subject's unique perspectives.

An MIT-trained space propulsion engineer with 20 years experience, Nat has the ability to view subjects from both artistic and technical perspectives - from light warmth, balance and image design to sharpness, depth-of-field, aperture and motion blur.

Nat has taken portraits as well as photographs for industrial clients, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, museums and rock bands.

Nat lives on the Eastside where he is still getting used to Seattle winters.

Deb Shannon

My passion for design began in grade school. I first learned to sew and then began altering patterns and creating my own designs. Since then, I have explored many different mediums including sewing, leather work, metal smithing, beading, knitting and crochet. Creating functional items motivates me.

In 2010 Kittywake Designs was launched with focus on repurposed accessories. The line currently includes cashmere mitts, glovelettes, and scarves as well as leather items. I became a professional artist when I decided to make this business a full-time commitment.
Through art shows, fairs and markets I bring locally sourced, eco-friendly accessories to customers. Their enthusiasm motivates me to create and inspires new products.

My Bachelor's degree in clothing and textiles and the knowledge I have gained from years in the garment business is a perfect match for teaching sewing and group classes in leather design. Sharing my skills has been a great asset.
I live in the Greenwood area of Seattle, WA.

Samantha Slater

Originally from South Africa, Samantha's life in Seattle has drawn her toward the concepts and process of jewelry making. It is through creating; annealing metal, heating, cooling, softening, hardening, fusing and texturing, that she tries with a quiet complex process to make sense of life's hard and soft parts. Samantha taught classes at Fusion Beads for over 10 years, she has also guest lectured at Pratt Fine Arts and is currently teaching at NW Rockhounds and privately at her studio in Seattle . It is her desire to not only create beautiful art and jewelry but share her knowledge so others can do the same.

Sandi Staples

I teach the double indirect method of making glass mosaics and then students design, nip, and lay out their work. The 6-inch square piece can be either a trivet with feet or a wall hanging, depending on their preference. They choose grout color and I take and cement/grout the work. The students then return to pick up the finished piece in 2 weeks.

Amanda Stovall

I learned to love and accept myself through everything, the good, the bad and the ugly! Turns out I wasn't so bad or ugly after all, and hey, lots of good was in there too! I did have a lot to learn about how I was contributing to an unhappy lifestyle through old habits, beliefs, and routines. I learned how to set a new course. Learning and applying self-love practices turned out to be the key to my success. As soon as I accepted and loved myself for exactly who I was, it was then I was able to allow love to flow to me and through me. This was like nothing I had experienced in my entire life, I transformed from a victim of life into my own hero. 

I now understand I am worth the investment in myself, and I know you are too! The first step to improving my life was improving myself. I know what it takes to transform, and I want to share that with anyone that is ready to take a leap of faith in themselves. Let's leap together!

I am a certified life coach and an artist of many years. Combining these two modalities has been extremely rewarding, surprisingly revealing and oh-so-much fun!

Polly Sutton

Polly Adams Sutton is a full time studio artist and teacher of basketmaking. Living in Seattle, Polly gathers her own materials - cedar bark from logged forests and sweetgrass from the tidal flats of Washington. The flexibility in these materials gives her the opportunity to work on asymmetrical shapes.  She exhibits her work in galleries, nationwide and her sculptural basket was chosen for the cover illustration of "500 Baskets".

Carol Doherty and Teri Alverdes

Rebecca Wachtman

I would happily describe myself as a late bloomer. I didn't finish college until my late 20's, I didn't get married or have my child until my late 30's, and I didn't get introduced to the other passion (silk painting) of my life until my late 40's. All of the pieces of my life merged together on that fateful day when I went on an art retreat and discovered the joy of painting on silk. From the moment my brush-filled-with-dye touched the silk, I was hooked! Now in my 50's, I am gleefully standing up to say "I am a fiber artist!"

From the first time I touched a brush filled with dye to the surface of silk, my heart sang and my soul knew this is what I am meant to do! Silk's supple nature constantly inspires me and pushes me to find ways new ways to utilize it. My ongoing love of upcycling has led me to merge the age-old art form of painting on silk, with the modern concept of reclaiming discarded silks. Continuing to experiment with new techniques and recycling has also to begin to work with resin and fibers as a sculptural media. My inspirations come the flora and fauna that surrounds me. My paintings attempt to document little moments in time, hoping that the resulting works will bring to light some of the natural world's amazing beauty as I perceive it.

Judy Zugish

As an artist, as a gardener, my work of some 30 years has been about exploring a fiber arts garden, honoring traditions, and developing a contemporary connection to these interwoven passions.

A celebrated nursery and field study basketry school has emerged from the fibers.
Large living installations, garden sculptures and custom designs tell the story of those pathways, while my gallery pieces are primarily about exploring the layers and moods of materials introspectively. I like to peel and unwrap and extract their character.

As I pull the essence into play and push the boundaries beyond traditional forms-the results become movement-gestures of reflection , a silent commentary, a dance of the hands and heart.