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About Outreach Suitcases

Outreach Suitcases contain artifacts and books students and educators can handle, examine, and discuss. Reserve one today! 

Each suitcase has an Educator Resource Guide complete with relevant Washington State standards-based curriculum and activities that can be adapted to students K-8. 

Schack Art Center is a Satellite Center for the Ann P. Wyckoff Education Resource Center at Seattle Art Museum. At this time the Seattle Art Museums has suspended their suitcase loan program due to Covid. However, the Schack Art Center is pleased to have a limited selection of available suitcases developed by the Schack. See below.

Reservation Schedule: Art Suitcases may be reserved for a 12-day period. A fifty dollars refundable deposit is required upon pickup. Payment can be made by check.

*Most of the resources in the suitcases can be modified for remote and home educator use. To reserve a suitcase please fill out this form. 

Questions: Raedle Alburn at 425-259-5050, x23, or email:


Suitcases are generously supported by:

Glaser Foundation
H'Arts Patrons
The Kobe Foundation
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western WA
Skyway Luggage Company
U S Bank Foundation

The Suitcases

Book Arts- Correspondence: Writing to Connect with others

Suitcase available September 21, 2020-June 18, 2021

This suitcase is designed to introduce students to writing by creating personal correspondence and ‘Mail Art’.  Examples of all types of correspondence are included, along with reference books, stories, and supplies. Get your students off the screen and help them connect to others by utilizing the activities in this suitcase to create unique letters and mail. 

Book Arts- Writing to express and document experience: Poetry, Journals, and Diaries

Suitcase is available September 21, 2020-June 18 2021

This suitcase is designed to provide resources and ideas for educators on teaching poetry and includes books and resources on creating various types of journals and dairies. Many handmade artist books and student examples are included in this suitcase, along with directions on how students can make simple books and broadsheets to contain their poetry, journals, and dairies. Historical examples of journals and diaries are also included. Student made journals are a great place for social and emotional journal prompts.  

Book Arts-Storytelling: Narrative writing and illustrating with kids

Suitcase available September 21, 2020-June 18, 2021

This suitcase is designed to offer a variety of activities around narrative writing.  It includes directions and resources for teaching several narrative writing assignments, and how to make them into books to publish and illustrate them.  The emphasis is on short and fun assignments that don’t take lots of class time or exotic materials to complete.

Book Arts: History of the Written Word

Suitcase Available: September 21, 2020 - June 18, 2021

This suitcase is designed to introduce students to the history of writing thorough historical artifacts, stories, and two related lessons. Artifacts include examples of historical documents and scripts. Included are a replica of a cuneiform tablet, a papyrus document with Egyptian hieroglyphs, historical books, and documents, writing and printing implements and materials. Educator materials include a storybook about a young girl who learns to illustrate manuscripts in medieval times and several books on the history of writing for children with illustrations.