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Past Exhibit

2021 Black & White Student Photography Exhibit

April 1 – 25

The 2021 Black and White Photography Contest was open to all Snohomish County High School 9-12 students. Photographs were judged in two categories, grades 9-10 and grades 11-12.

Exhibit runs in our Emerging Young Artist Gallery from April1-April 25, 2021. 

Schack Art Center received more than 168 entries this year. Three local artists and photographers served as judges: Ashley Kay, Josh Jones, Amber Vincini and Alex Vincini.

The GRAND PRIZE winner of the 2021 Black & White Photography Contest is Danny Berger, a Junior at North Creek High School, for his piece Homeless, But Home.


FIRST PLACE – MacKenzie Hewitt, 14405 179, Archbishop Murphy High School, Grade 10
SECOND PLACE – Addison Wong, Rhino Rumba, North Creek High School, Grade 10
THIRD PLACE – Kristine Moore, Overwhelming StressKamiak High School, Grade 9


FIRST PLACE – Jordan Carr, Take a Deep BreathNorth Creek High School, Grade 12
SECOND PLACE – Kendall Bensen, Plastic, Snohomish High School, Grade 11
THIRD PLACE – Madi Marshall, Flower Dog, Snohomish High School, Grade 12

Honorable Mentions

Grades 9-10

Saraiah Donnelson, Engaging, Academy Northwest, Grade 9

Kaitlyn Calawa, Sword Fern, English Ivy, and Moth Orchid, Kamiak H.S.,Grade 9

Gavin Adams, Worn But Strong, Sky Valley Education Center, Grade 9

Megan Caldwell, Bear, and My Eye, Kamiak H.S, Grade 10

Remi Brown, Lost in a Gaze, Marysville Getchell H.S., Grade 9

Aimel Rai, Submerged, Lake Stevens H.S., Grade 10 

Annabelle Stilling, Zebra Wilds, Sky Valley Education Center, Grade 10

Grades 11-12

Jerrilyn Brower, The Light Slips Through, Noble Gaurdian, and Silhouette, Sky Valley Education Center, Grade 11

Logan Bury, Snowing in Seattle, Edmonds Woodway H.S., Grade 12

Ellie Middendorf, Blooming, Glacier Peak H.S. Grade 11

Elsha Berg, Eyes of a Predator, Glacier Peak H.S. Grade 11

Tristin Gallagher, Bunker, Glacier Peak H.S., Grade 12

Abigayle Garner, Heaven, Glacier Peak H.S., Grade 11

Marcus Rodriguez, Beginners Don't Quit, Glacier Peak H.S. Grade 12

Miranda Anderson, Reflection, Snohomish H.S. Grade 12



Ashley Kay-Originally from Stockton, CA, living in Washington for 16 years. Currently working full time with an amazing group of middle schoolers as a College & Career Readiness Specialist and as a high school girls C-Team basketball coach. In addition, I attend the University of Washington where I am majoring in Educational Studies, I plan to one day open up a community center in Snohomish County serving Black and Brown families. In all that I do, I always keep my life long mission at the forefront, which is to let every young person I come into contact with know that they matter and they are wanted and needing in this world. I first fell in love with photography as a lil girl, taking photos with my point and shoot and posting them all over Myspace. I stopped pursuing photography due listening to other peoples dreams they had for me. However, Spring of 2019 I bought a new camera and haven’t put it down since. I love capturing photos of families, seniors and helping small business owners create content for their websites and social media.

Josh Jones-Everett resident Josh Jones loves photographing the abundant beauty of his city, from moon rises over the Cascades to urban wildlife in our parks and waterfront. His true passion is capturing sublime scenes, especially rare moments in vibrant colors that require planning and patience, and reproducing them on fine art paper or glossy metallic prints. In his free time, Josh enjoys printmaking and producing watercolor pieces. 

Amber Vincini-Amber Vincini, is an artist who primarily works with acrylic on canvas. Amber also loves photography and started shooting film at 12 years old. Amber loves the candid nature of film and prefers to use disposable cameras to capture moments she doesn’t want to forget.

Winning photographs: