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Past Exhibit

Art of the Garden

June 15 – September 2

Ends September 2

This biannual juried exhibit will feature a prolific offering of art created to enhance the garden and bring the garden into the home. Visitors will find artwork to personalize even the smallest landscape with whimsy and grace, as well as structural pieces to define garden spaces long after the flowers have faded.

M-F 10am-6pm, Sa 10am-5pm, Su 12-5pm / Admission Free

Participating Artists:

Sally Abbey, Reg Akright, Barbara Ansley, Jeff Aspnes, Yonnah Ben Levy, Chaim Bezalel, Danielle Bodine, Kiley Branson, Monica Bretherton, Erika Bruss, Barbara Childs, Janice Clem, Mackenzie Colby, Kathy Collins, Lorra Douglass, Dee Doyle, Amy Duncan, Susan Elliott, Laura Elmore, Kathy Ervin, Cynthia Fankhauser, Keith Field, Jeanine Fitzgerald, Marta Fivehouse-Niemann, Becky Fletcher, Gene Fredrickson, Barbara Freeman, Jeanne Gardner, Roxy Gesler, Jennifer Gottwald, Charles Guildner, Sandy Haight, Ruth Handewith, Melissa Herzog, Meander Holzer, Katherine Holzknecht, Cheryl A. Hufnagel, Sheri Jacobson, Fran Kaufman, Jesse Kelly, Catherine Kessel, Elizabeth Kincaid, Lori Knight, Anne La Fever, Aaron LaChausse, Maren Larson, Shannon Leah Danks, Bezalel Levy, Jennifer Lommers, Nancy Loorem, Ruth Lopez, John Losee, Donna Lough, Carolyn Luark, Steph Mader, Janci Mannington, Barbara Martin, Anna Mastronardi Novak, Rohini Mathur, Katie Matson, Kimberly Mattson, Jan McCulloch, Mary McInnis, Patricia McNamee, Marise Miville, Carol Mosher, Connie Munford, Angelo Muzzin, Cheri O'Brien, Joan O’Bryne, Ayako Okon, Janie Olsen, Laurie Olsen, Jason Otto, Paula Parks, Alex Porter, Polly Purvis, Victoria Raymond, Meredith Regal, Ann Chadwick Reid, Bobbie (Barbara) Ritter, Bill Roeder, Maria Root, Sue Gill Rose, Melanie Salazar, Diane Sarr, Diana Scheel, Marcel Schwarb, Beverly Shaw-Starkovich, Joanne Shellan, Gretchen Shepherd, Gary Shinn, Merridy Shinn, Ron Smith, Alan Steele, Marie Tornow, Janis Trowbridge-Howes, Shailer Tuell, Rick Tuthill, Jamie Tuttle, Terri Vincent, Mara Vostral, Katie Walton, Heather West, and Judy Zugish.